Rahkshi gen 2 redo

hello i told you all i would remake this moc please give me positive feed back on my second ccb system moc


The build looks simple but good for the most part. The Skull Addons on the arms should probably go and you should cover up the shoulder area to make it appear less blocky. The staff (or what little I can see of it) is rather drawl. Overall for a second MOC this is pretty good, but there's definitely room for improvement.

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can you tell me what i did wrong in the build

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The upper arms are just to bulky looking for the rest of the MOC. Also the torso is a little weird looking.

I'll give you accurate feedback.
Exposed ball joints are annoying, as well as the gappiness of the lower torso. The shoulder armor would look much better without the skull armor pieces and it's a bit too lanky for my tastes. I can't say anything really good about this moc because of how average it appears.
Keep working on it, because it's definitely an improvement over its last rendition and has a bunch of potential


It's better. It's not good, but it's getting better. It looks a tiny bit gappy in places, and gold and Keetorange don't work well together (especially with silver as a prominent color), but I can't see a way around that given the parts used and what colors they come in.

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should i swap out gold as sliver

I'm voting for yes.

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i will start now

also i can't fix the gap

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i might paint my second bionic stars rakshi head white

Hmm will see how that looks. I may need to make a G2 Rakshi now.


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What's up with that staff? The two-handed staff was the most iconic part of the rahkshi sets, and I think a version more like that would work better.


Lost white stud from the skull warrior set

I know how you feel man ╥﹏╥


I'd replace the gold with black. I don't think the yellow/gold mix is doing it any favors.


Hmm idk, yellow and gold don't mix too well imo, not too bad though. However....those skull add-ons look completely out of place. The staff isn't bad but looks weird, and the exposed ball joints...


Here is some concise cc:
The shells are too short for the bones leaving exposed bone.
Replace the gold and gunmetal with silver (or if you feel funky use white)
Try a two sided spear, I'd suggest using an existing rahkshi spearhead, perhaps the ones from Pohatu and Kopaka.
And turn around the left hand to face the right way.
As a fix for the shorshell problem try making them face forwards.

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You literally just said everything I was about to on the topic of the MOC!

It looks pretty good, though!
Nice job! :smile:

Head's a bit janky, but it otherwise recaptures the look of Stars Rahkshi but with a better build all around. Great work!

The bone limb parts from the skull dudes don't really feel like Rahkshi to me, and the fist for chest armor needs something else to cover up the rest of the torso, but other than that, it looks really cool!

And just out of curiosity, do you plan on making more Rahkshi revamps?