Rahkshi hunter

The first moc I made when bionicle 2015 was first leaked

Since Rahkshi aren't bound to any code of honor this one has a gun powerful enough to blow a hole in any toa

I also made a removable scope backpack

Everything can be stored on it's back except the poles of the spear

Without anything stored on the back
I'm surprised at how well it turned out considering it was my first creation in a long time
Leave some thoughts on it


Very nice. The back could use some work though.

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That's some great poses. I love the cape-dress thing and the gun, very simple yet nicely detailed. I'd agree with Ekorak on the back of the torso. Makes me think more of some kind of rahkshi-toa hybrid than a pure rahkshi though.

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Very cool. I especially like that first pose.

Looking at this again this could totally pass for City of the Fallen character =P


Really cool, although it doesn't look a whole lot like a rahkshi. It needs spikes and stuff. O do like it, though.