Rahkshi Potential Trait Discussion

The original 6 Rahkshi released as sets had their traits described in other materials, can someone please think up some plausible traits for any of the other 36 Rahkshi? The canon ones are below:
Turahk: Turahk usually rely on shadows and surprise, and are said to be able to appear and disappear at will.
Guurahk: Guurahk are agile and fierce hunters. A Guurahk will spend long periods of time merely observing an enemy before it will strike. It analyzes every strength and weakness in a target before acting. The Guurahk will search for the weakest point in a structure before using its power, to conserve energy.
Lerahk: Lerahk are strong, fast, and cunning, but are not the most intelligent of the Rahkshi.
Panrahk: The power of Panrahk is so great that the ground underneath their feet cracks as they walk, in compliance to their explosive nature.
Vorahk: Vorahk are the best hunters of all the Rahkshi; no enemy can hide from them. In addition, they are considered to be the best tacticians out of the six types seen on Mata Nui.
Kurahk: Kurahk are always in a rage and always act without thinking ahead. They are also fast and strong enough to down any foe. However, they generally prefer to turn their opponents against each other.


Rahkshi of Teleportation: These Rahkshi are wily, and unpredictable. They will often teleport to random places during a fight, so a challenger never knows where the next attack will come from.
Rahkshi of Heat Vision: These Rahkshi tend to attack in large hordes. They are perhaps the most incompetent of all the breeds, fooled by simple light illusions, and unable to protect even one piece of Golden Armor. Nonetheless, these Rahkshi are a danger in tight spaces, such as the Archives.


Nice, keep it up! Little hard on the Heat Vision Rahkshi though. :grin: What do you think would fit best for Mind Reading, Quick Healing and Fire Resistance Rahkshi?

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Rahkshi of Mind Reading: These Rahkshi will read their opponent’s mind during a fight, tailoring their attacks to their foe’s weaknesses. These Rahkshi prefer to fight one on one, as reading multiple minds drains their strength.

Rahkshi of Quick Healing: This breed is known for attacking at every turn, even when utterly disadvantageous to itself. The strategy is simple: the Rahkshi can heal, while each blow dealt to its foe is one blow closer to death.

Rahkshi of Fire Resistance: Fire Resistance Rahkshi are specialists. Often deployed by the Makuta after a target has been set ablaze, these Rahkshi move through the thickest part of the flames, using the fire to hide their approach.


Rahkshi of Chameleon: These Rahkshi are sneaky, relying almost entirely on stealth and sneak attacks. They hide themselves in every situation, not even revealing themselves when receiving orders.


Nice! What about Sleep, Slow, Darkness, Illusion, Plasma and Ice Resistance Rahkshi?

Rahkshi of Insect control: These rahkshi are smart tacticians, able to use hordes of Nui-rama in strategic battles against foes.

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How about: Dangerous in tight spaces, these Rahkshi are skilled at ambush and horde attacks, for Heat Vision?

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Rahkshi of Sleep: These Rahkshi move swiftly and silently, so as not to disturb those they put to slumber. When the wind blows through their specially crafted spines, it sounds like a lullaby.
Rahkshi of Slow: Arrogant, but with powers to back it up, these Rahkshi never run. They know that no matter how slow they are, they can make their opponent even slower.
Rahkshi of Darkness: No one has ever seen one of these Rahkshi in detail. Able to move the shadows with them, the best you can hope to see is their eyes glowing from the dark–and by then, it’s too late.
Rahkshi of Illusion: Rahkshi of Illusion will never let you see their true form, instead, they prefer to create the illusion that their opponent is being attacked by a different breed of Rahkshi. This tactic allows them to learn their opponents weaknesses, and exploit them.
Rahkshi of Plasma: Bold and seemingly without fear, no barricade, wall, or other obstacle can hope to stand against the melting power of these beasts. For this reason, they are exceptional at besieging cities.
Rahkshi of Ice Resistance: Methodical and cunning, these Rahkshi are specialists, able to navigate the coldest of climates with ease. Once, it was believed that a group of these Rahkshi perished in an avalanche, but they returned to their master three days later–and with the heads of their enemies.


Nice! Sorry I took so long to reply, missed the alert for your response somehow, just found it a minute ago. What about Limited Invulnerability, Molecular Disruption, Stasis Field, Adaptation, Weather Control and Gravity Rahkshi?

Rahkshi of Limited Invulnerability: Brutish and mindless, these Rahkshi heavily rely on their impeccable defense in combat. All physical attacks are useless against them, thus the best tactic to counteract these type of Rahkshi is to stop their movement.

Rahkshi of Molecular Disruption: One touch is all it takes for them to utterly obliterate their foes. They were often seen ambush preys in packs. If you see one of these Rahkshi, DO NOT ENGAGE IN CLOSE COMBAT in any situation.

Rahkshi of Stasis Field: This type of Rahkshi does not harm their enemies. Instead, they always left trails of unfortunate opponents eternally frozen in time in their wake. When you happen to encounter these Rahkshi, avoid their gaze at all cost. Because if they make eye contact with you, you are as good as dead.

Rahkshi of Adaptation: Being able to adapt to any situation, they are virtually undefeatable in combat. The only way to stop these Rahkshi is to quickly incapacitate them before they are aware of you.

Rahkshi of Weather Control: Roaring thunders herald these Rahkshi. Constantly cover surrounding areas in storms and blizzards, they are devastating even when they are just wondering around.

Rahkshi of Gravity: One of most dangerous types of Rahkshi. Once in their sight, any opponents will be instantly crushed under their own weight, unmovable, and inescapable.


Wow, there’s a lot of Rahkshi! and we haven’t even covered the melding universe.

EDIT for clarification: These are all off of actual powers. We should look at the melding powers and see what we can come up with.

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@Ghidora131 There are still canon powers left, but if you want to do Telekinesis, Peace, and Courage Rahkshi descriptions, feel free.

@TheShadowMakuta Nice! What about Elasticity, Sonics, Shapeshifting, Density Control, Plant Control and Dodge Rahkshi?

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Rahkshi of Elasticity: These Rahkshi can stretch themselves from seemingly faraway to reaching distance in a blink of an eye. When in close range, it often immobilize its opponents by wrapping itself around them, and try to suffocate its victims by stuffing itself into the nose and the mouth. Although malleable and elastic, their bodies are extremely durable to the extend that not even finest blades can cut them.

Rahkshi of Sonics: Silent and deadly. These Rahkshi specialize in long-ranged attack. They release powerful focused sonic blasts which travel at the speed of sound, so most of their foes rarely aware of what heading toward them, not until it’s to late.

Rahkshi of Shapeshifting: These Rahkshi are secretive and heartless. They usually use their power to blend in with native inhabitants, in order to spy and instigate conflicts in the villages. They also like to toy with their prey by assuming the form of their enemies’ loved ones just to mock them in combat.

Rahkshi of Density Control: Only few who encountered these “Makuta’s wraiths” are able to live to tell the tale. These Rahkshi can become intangible and move through obstructions with ease. The worst thing about them is their nasty habit of grabbing their opponents, phasing them through solid boulders, and leaving them buried alive inside.

Rahkshi of Plant Control: Using their power over every trees in the forest, these Rahkshi like to stray unfortunate travelers from their path in the woods, and keep their prey wondering aimlessly in circles until they became completely exhausted, both physically and mentally. Only then, the Rahkshi will finally reveal itself and claim the victims.

Rahkshi of Dodge: Swift and Nimble. Despite what they lack in their attack strength, their evading ability is far superior than any other types of Rahkshi. These Rahkshi are impossible to physically touch, as they will instinctively avoid both seen and unseen attacks made against them with speed quicker than the eyes can follow, making them seemingly just “blink” out of harm’s way.


Nice! How about Rahi Control, Silence, Accuracy, Confusion, Chain Lightning and Vacuum Rahkshi?

Rahkshi of Telekinesis: Telekinesis Rahkshi are less lethal warriors, designed specifically for guarding the prized possessions of their masters. Using their mental capabilities, they often works in teams of three or four, using their combined powers to pin a trespasser in the air before disposing of him.

Rahkshi of Peace: There has never a more terrifying threat, a more vicious foe, than the foe who can keep you from fighting. Rahkshi of Peace work either alone or in pairs, requiring little to no physical combat, as they weaken the defensive capabilities of their foes and force them to submit. Some Rahkshi of Peace have been used to completely neutralize wars.

Rahkshi of Courage: Possibly the most passive Rahkshi in existence, Courage Rahkshi are capable only of giving their ally a morale boost. Higher level Rahkshi can increase the bravery of their companions to incredible levels, provoking them to do - and live through - impossible feats and battle far more powerful foes.

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