Rahkshi Powers and the Crystals from MNOG II

I recently noticed something when re-watching Meso’s MNOG II play-through. The most significant world building aspect of the game that was unique to MNOG II was the charm search. The charm search assigned principles to each of the Koro’s. What I realized the other day was that each Koro’s principle is like the opposite of the power of its color corresponding Rahkshi. Fear is the opposite of Courage, Anger is the opposite of Peace, Hunger is the opposite of Prosperity, and so on. Just something I realized.


Wow! I never realized that even after playing that game so much

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I wonder if there’s a principle for every Rahkshi power. What would be the principle for Rahi control?


Well, my personal headcanon is that a Melding Universe Makuta would posess these sorts of powers in place of the more evil ones, after draining their inner shadow, while more neutral powers like Chain Lightning, Weather Control, Rahi Control, Elasticity etc, would all stay.

Or ideally, the principle would be Heart.


I was thinking that Rahi Control would be friendship/companionship

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That’s a great observation, but, this is only true for the 3 principles that you have listed. It appears that the other 3 Koro principles have opposite powers that don’t correspond with their respective colors.
Purity is the opposite of Poison, but Ga-Koro and Lerahk don’t share the same colors.
This is the same for Creation/Disintegration (Po-Koro/Guurahk) and Faith/Fragmentation (Le-Koro/Panrahk).
I wonder if the story creators intended this, or if it was just a mistake. Either way, it was something interesting that I wanted to point out.


This is a very interesting observation. When you really think about it, some of the rahkshi powers seem a bit random wen compared to their designs. Green for poison makes sense, but then the red one (I know it has a name) has flame designs on it’s staff, but it’s power is fear, not heat. Odds are the sets were designed BEFORE their powers were fully decided.

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Thats a great point!

That’s what I was thinking.

Yes, the power of friendship!

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Actually, I think the Kraahkan has 4 eyeholes.

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The Matoran around the villages actually mention the opposites. Like Kotu mentions “Poision is the enemy of Purity”

Also the three that have colors corresponding to the opposites of their powers are the last three Makuta releases, the three corresponding to the Three Virtues.


Interesting. I never thought of it that way before.

There are six virtues for the six villages. Each virtue is the antithesis of one of the 2003 Rahkshi powers. 2003 has four numbers in it. 6-4=2. The Kraahkan has two eye-holes. The Kraahkan is a symbol of the Illumakuta. The Crystals from MNOG II = Illumakuta confirmed.

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