Rahkshi Questions?

Are Rahkshi staffs unique to each breed or do the Makuta recycle the designs? What about their spine designs? What would happen if a Shadow Leech was exposed to energized protodermis?

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I’ll answer the last one first – it would either transform or be destroyed, like anything else.

As for the first two, I would like to think the Makuta keep them distinctive, but that may well be contradicted by existing art.


What would happen if a Leech was exposed to the Kal mutagen? So the Makuta choose the designs? Then I’ll just say that the staff overlap with the Rahkshi of Heat Vision was Teridax (or his captive Kraata-makers) was because of the rush job.

I think he was asking if it’d turn into a Rahkshi like a normal Kraata would.

Do you mean that the design differences were because they were produced so rapidly?

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