Rahkshi revamp/moc

This is also an very old man that i made years ago. I know that he has pieces that isn't the right colors and all that's, that my friends is just pure laziness of me.

No he doesn't have a name but just Rahkshi moc

jogging sticks

More pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/v7Dev#0


Please, PLEASE add a consistent color scheme.

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Yes i am going to do that in the far far far in the future.

I would lose either the Hordika lower legs or the Rahkshi knees. Other than that, it looks good and menacing. +1


Is he a hunchback?

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I dunno. Not feeling this. Probably the color scheme.

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It's........ interesting. I'm with just about everyone else: it needs a consistent color scheme BADLY.

I think that with a consistent color scheme, this would be a really good MOC. Looks stable, nice weapon, claws are unusual choice, but a good one.

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