Rahkshi Revamp {Vohrahk}

Well, I already posted this on mocpages, but it’s one of my best mocs so far… So i will post it here!

Muh Rahkshi Revamp in the form of Vohrahk.

yes, he is dabbing in the last picture. :laughing:


Any picture of the full figure, as his lower legs and feet aren’t shown in any of the pictures you posted

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So… Many… Red… Pins…


Could you perhaps show us a picture of the full figure, we can’t see his legs or back.

Also, you might want to add a spine, he is a Rahkshi after all.

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He has one. Look at the first picture.

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So he does.

And now I just realised that it’s Guurahk’s spine, and not Vorahk’s.

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Sorry, everyone! (plz dont flag)
I don’t have any pictures of his legs… Really sorry about that but I still need to work out some kinks with my photo taking. Also, this was the very best I could do at the time, I had a limited amount of Rahkshi pieces. In the future, I will probably make some higher quality revamps with the correct spines…