Rahkshi Revamps!

Ever since bionicle being rebooted was anounced and leaked everywhere, I was wondering, if the Rahkshi were to come back, what would they look like? what would be there place in the story? So I made these MOCs, and yes, I am aware of the metru red Rahkshi face instead of Mata red, that's because my dog ate the piece and I through it out, and the closest thing I had to that was an extra metru red one, and the yellow arms was because the original ones were so loose it was impossible to pose without his arms flopping down, so that's why, anyway story stuff, makuta was all like "no! stop killing dead people!" and sent out guys, known as Rahkshi, they destroyed a lot, Tahu was all like, "gurrrrrr", and tried to kill one, and got his mask knocked off, so then Lewa did the same, same thing happened, then things happened and Tahu and Lewa were upgraded as the 2016 sets, as well as the rest of them being upgraded, because reasons, magic, IDK.

I always pictured Lerahk as being an insane Plague Knight-esk character, so heres him I guess!

scroll up to figure out why the head is discolored

it's funny because it's it's true, and it's funnier if you use the computer speaker voice siri thing.


These are actually pretty cool.

Hey, Hervibore, make sure not to Double Post, alright?

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I don't know how or what is going on, but it's definitely not on purpose

It's alright. As long as it isn't intentional...

Well the Rahkshi were my first BIONICLE sets

So these get an automatic 10/10

But other than that, these MOCs are pretty cool!

Th we are really cool but seeing as they are supposed to be G2 revamps they wouldn't really work In Legos parts

I made these before I had access to the bionicle 2015 parts, so I couldn't re-do the lower legs, body, or the upper arms, besides, I don't even have the parts now because I don't have any extra gear boxes to remake the torso. :\

Oh ok that makes sense