Rahkshi: son of nothing

Revamp? Reimagining? Moc? Not sure how to classify this one, I set out to make a rahkshi and it went in its own direction a bit, it just sort of, exists, as its own entity I suppose.

Thank you for viewing


Pretty coolio. The biggest things that bother me is the whte shell in the chest, and the way the tail is placed. I feel like the tail should continue from the spine, not come out of the back.


The Moc looks amazing especially the hunched look that you gave it and the tail.

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Its like if the witch doctor anf kurahk had a baby


The spine with the 3.0 quaza pieces is amazing.

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This guy is really cool! You should enter him in the bzpower contest

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What G2 Rahkshi would have looked like.

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To be honest I wasn’t really sure what to do with the chest, I actually already changed it.

I tried, it doesn’t look as good as you’d expect, I thought it would look better too, but the way the torso achieves the arc means it looks really ugly.

I’m not a user over there, from what I’ve gathered from other people posting their entries here it’s a g2 continuation or something to that effect? Not really interested tbh.

Anyway, update: I changed the chest piece, also here’s a comparison to turahk, unfortunately he has weak ankles at the moment so he has to tripod on his staff.