Rahu, The Hunter


a toa-like being.


Y'know, there's a villain from a game I played when I was little named Rahu, and your MOC actually looks pretty similar.

I like this! I think the black Miru really works and it generally looks cool

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Those legs need to be completely redesigned. Doesn't fit with the round, bulky aesthetic of the rest of the MOC.

The arms are good.

I already gave you my thoughts on the torso: it would be good if the weight of the silver wasn't being pushed down. If you could make the weight of the silver go up, it would work.

And the legs are...I'll be blunt, pretty terrible. The thighs are empty, the lower legs look off, and they're so skinny in comparison to the rest of him that he reaches Onua levels of topheaviness.

If you could slightly change the torso so the silver piece is in the same space on it, but flipped, everything except the legs would be pretty good. Certainly better than the Teridax MOC.

Yeah I guess I see what you mea-

what an unnecessary jab,
if you're going to passive aggressively insult my mocs at least do so in their own topic.


That's not a jab. That's my honest opinion.

I really honestly don't like vMOCs or things that are so overly bulky. It's not a passive aggressive attack, it's just honesty. I like this more standard style more than I like the Makuta you have made who could be recolored into a to scale MOC version of the Hulk.

It's just opinion. Don't take it too seriously.

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don't worry, if I had taken that too seriously I would have been much less condescending and more angry in my response. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

though just saying "better than teridax" without giving a reason as to why does feel unnecessary.
but now you've elaborated, and I understand your point.


The legs certainly don't fit with the overall aesthetic flow of the shoulders. The feet are also a bit undersized. The silver just clashes IMO. I recommend just keeping the black and gunmetal. The sword's color clashes as well and makes this guy look a bit too much like Black Phantom.

However, I must say that I love the shoulders!