Rai V2 - Honor Is Worthless

"Honor is a worthless shield behind which cowards hide their inability to win."
Rai V2 - Honor Is Worthless
Rai V2 - Honor Is Worthless
Rai V2 - Honor Is Worthless
Rai V2 - Honor Is Worthless
Rai V2 - Honor Is Worthless
Rai V2 - Honor Is Worthless
Rai V2 - Honor Is Worthless

Yadayadayada, terrible photo quality, have been at my grandparent's house for six weeks so I don't have access to my normal spot.

V2 of the main character of CotF.

If you didn't already catch on, he's not going to be a samurai anytime soon.

No weapons because they're all at home.


2nd to last photo looks like the dark knight rises poster

I think the moc looks good, head is a little different and unique

Funny you should say that.

It's supposed to be a promotional poster-eque picture.

But thank you smile

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what is that head.
Ah yes I know
EDIT: Let me elaborate
its oversized, you also obviously just forced to dark blue in to just use that for a head.


Woah! That's awesome! The color scheme is very 'Murican. GJ, Ek.


Has a nice sleek aesthetic similar to Ekorak
Has a simple colour scheme which doesn't have too many colours
Uses CCBS effectively

The head sticks out like a sore thumb being the largest blue area on the MOC and looks out of place.
The arms seem gappy and underwhelming
The lower legs are too chunky and stick out too far
That waist is way too tiny
That neck.

Improve on the colour blocking. It's hard to tell at first what each colour represents.
Is the blue skin?
Is the black an under suit?
Is the red heavy armor? Or is it light armor?
Is the silver heavy armor? Or is it light armor?

Redo the abdomen/waist to be less skinny. Maybe bulk it up by adding some kind of place to store a weapon.
Redo the upper arms to look more gappy and more natural.
Bulk up the thighs to make the knee's stick out less.


the head looks fine people need to insert more creativity cards

So yeah BOR is currently shredding him. No worries yall updates are on the way whenever I can actually use my collection

I agree with quite a bit of your critique except for one thing.
Waist isn't getting souped up, at least for now.

It's a matter of personal preference in this case. That's my style, and while I can see where others might dislike it, I won't make something I dislike just to please others.


1 needs more dark blue

2 dear lord those ankles are ugly, what happened to your glorious legs?

Yeah, I like it, but I'd just reiterate the more-dark-blue point and the ankles. I like the head, though, I don't see why everyone has to be such a butt about it.

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The design for this is really cool, but it needs some more Metru blue

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Mm, I've never been a fan of mixing red and blue. The construction is nice, though.

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He's cute, but idk he's kinda similar to all your other MOCs. That's not a bad thing, it's just the same sort of thing but with a different colour scheme. Yeah not bad lad.

Nobody likes you 3:


You added photos of Ek

Ek has purple now

Ek is anacondrai (lacks dark beige)


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I like your legs designe

Amazing as always! I like Ek's updates too!

Tell that to Dinobot, you chump.

In any case, bright red and dark blue mesh very eh to me, and the legs on this one aren't that great in my opinion.

The upper torso and shoulders are the best part of this MOC.


Reminds me of sonic idk why

I didn't really expect great feedback.

This is a CotF MOC.

I have to make a lot of them :/

Basically I'll settle for "okay" in this regard, but the head is being updated.

it better be.