Raiden-The Soul Taker

Hello people
Here is my new moc :slight_smile:
sorry for bad light … enjoy :slight_smile:


This is really great, especially love the wings.


Love it. Wish the Chima ultra builds were this cool.

This looks amazing. I like the use of purple as an accent color

Impressive size except those wings feels too small alongside the head

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Thank you people :slight_smile:
@nexolo yeah wish i had more of this mini wing pieces for even bigger wings :slight_smile:


Feel that the wings need to be more bulky to match the overall nature of the body.

Awesome! But the head seems a little too small.

That is one big chicken.

@Scarilian indeed ! Ive made a little upgrade but im waiting for new chima wings :stuck_out_tongue:
@ThatchMac thank you.Well the head is actually bigger then the picture shows :slight_smile:

And here is my β€œupgrade” :slight_smile:

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Feels like a reskin of your UtD revamp.