RaiLyn, Toa of Lightning

               <<<Warning: in-depth backstory>>>

This is Lyn, She Lives in isolation from the rest of the world to refine her lightning control. Through her constant training and meditation she has pushed her physical capabilities and Manipulation of lightning to their utmost extreme.

At one point, a long time ago, She had a Sister named Kova. But Teridax sent a group of Rahkshi to destroy her village. During the raid, Her Sister was killed by a Korahk. Enraged by her Sister's death she called a colossal bolt of lightning, the size of which was immense for her young age, down on the group of Rahkshi. After the attack, her home was devastated and her only family was gone. She looked down at a singed pile of bones left by the Korahk and adorned it's skull and spine, placing it on her left shoulder.

Instead of getting revenge she took her Sister's necklace and fled into hiding, vowing to live for both her and her Sister. Lyn's senses have been heightened to their peek, being able to hear a faint sound from a long distance away. Her powers include: Lightning manipulation to it's apex, able to turn into a bolt of lightning at will. She's also able to absorb natural energy from her surroundings through her staff and transform it into lightning energy.

Hey! if you read it all, kudos to you! She's one of my OG Mocs from about a year ago that I refined a little bit. But yeah here she is.


nice and original! I like her! Sorta don't agree with the mata foot belly/chest, but the rahkshi bit is interesting! The staff could use work


The asymmetrical chest is a little off-putting, but this is still a pretty neat MOC.


You managed...to use both the Nuva and the Rahkshi chest...in one MOC...

Okay then.

Yea, I'd pick one, the asymmetry doesn't look great there. Everything else is pretty good, though, and the weapon is interesting!

    RaiLyn Toa of Lightning Patch notes:

-Reduced gaps in torso

-Added a second Nuva shoulder piece on torso

-Wrapped Rahkshi spine around new under armor

-Long pin removed from weapon

Rahkshi spine is here to stay haha.




Thanks for the feedback guys!


This is a really cool looking MOC, I like the asymmetrical look of the chest, and the spikes on the shoulder look great as well. The staff is a tad bit bland, but overall it looks good! Great job! :smile:

Oh, an update. Okay...

Huh. I guess that does look better.


Very nice backstory. She definitely better after the update. I like the color distribution, and the asymmetry on the updated version is well done. She does not look all that intricate in design, but I think it works fine here. After all, not everything needs to be complex. One question, is that a skull on her staff?

it's not supposed to be a real skull, more or less just melded into the butt of the weapon as a design.
the idea behind it was that she would strike the blade end into the ground to absorb energy from her surroundings, the eyes would then light up and she would fire a blast of lightning from it.

Thanks for the feedback BTW


That is a very creative use of that spike piece, and the rest looks quite solid. Good job.