Rain Discussion

Lets discuss Rain do you like rain? i like rain

i think rain is beautiful what do you think?


Rain’s pretty legit, gives me a reason to stay indoors. I mostly like it since it cools everthing down a bit; really need a brake from the heat here in Texas.


I wish it rained more here.


i love the look of rain outside my window

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Being a toa of fire I hate rain! (IRL TOO)

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Don’t see why, Rain is nice, there is beauty in it. I see you’re new to the boards welcome. sips coffee


Rain is a pretty cool guy, eh controls water and doesn’t afraid of anything


Oh boy it’s vorniki!

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I don’t like rain as it drives me in from the outside and makes everything too wet.

(if it’s heavy and prolonged, a light shower I can live with)

i wish it rained 24 hours a day

so basically i wish i was in england

Here, take all of my rain then

Where I live it rains like every hour in Winter and I guess Autumn.

at leasy we’re not in california

When I’m in bed, and it’s raining it makes me feel all cozy.

That was so deep

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Same i really love the sound of rain

i like snow and winter more though

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I have sensitive skin, so rain feels really uncofortable.

that must be the worst :c

I live in an area where it basically rains all year except for like July and August. Then it becomes really dry.

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must be fun

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For @VictorianPanda

Have fun.

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