Rais, the hunter

This is Rais the hunter. Before I get into his story, he is designed to be slightly spindly, due to story reasons. So back when Conjurer's race ( another moc of mine) was prosperous and well, Rais was a mass murderer, responsible for the death of thousands of many. When he was finally captured, he was captured and tortured and punished in many ways, and was eventually left for dead. he had lost most of his arm, and somehow managed to find his way out of the hell he was left in, but was left deformed, in a golem-like way. so he found the tools he needed, and managed to (with much pain) weld his chain hook weapon to the nub of his arm, and crafted the rest of his arsenal. But, he was too late to get his revenge, as by the time he returned to the civilized world, over 96% of Conjurer' race was mysteriously wiped out. Now he spends his the rest of his days hunting the rest of Conjurer's race, but hopes to kill Conjurer personally...


er... mind if i critique? Sorry if it seems harsh

he's basicly a spinax given white spikes, a weird weapon arm, and odd weapons. Spikes seem sorta random, especially the ones on the legs and arms, I sorta dislike the odd colorscheme. your moc though, don't need my opinion. I guess as a regular moc it looks alright

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believe it or not, that's actually what I was trying to go for, but I do feel it needs....more...but there is not much I can actually do to it sadly.....

Nothing wrong in my mind with a colour swap and a few new pieces added every now and again. I like it smile Though I must admit that I prefer the other MOC on display a little more as it seems more balanced in terms of proportions.

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Cool backstory, and I really like his overall spikiness and rugged look. I also love his simple, but sleek torso design which gives him a slouch. Looks very much like he's been through a lot and his appearance just screams "Don't mess with me!"

My only complaints would be the swords on his shins.

And try experimenting with custom limbs if you want to add "more".

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that actually is Conjurer. I've updated him a tad his I first gave him a topic, but he is my best one...

@Rockho ehhhhh, im quite terridbad at custom limbs, but I do try every so often, but they end up looking like bad brutaka legs lol

@JMP that would be quite nice, i'll have to do some looking around


double posting

fix it


If you need help with custom limbs, there's a topic with tips for it. Or we can give you ideas