Ramen Noodles Discussion

discuss! ramen noodles ever since i move to america They have ben lifesavers for me


They taste good when you have nothing else to eat.

they taste good all the time :astonished: at least to me

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I love all of them.

Except the vegetable-flavored ones
and the beef ones
beef ramen tastes like tea...

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Ramen noodles are gr8.

I bought a dish that allows me to microwave them even if they're packaged in bricks.(this is the extent of my culinary achievement, by the way)

Ramen Noodles is a gift from the heavens.

Apparently, there's a Ramen bar that recently opened up near where I live. I've got to check that place out sometime.

Oh man I've got one of those too. They save a lot of time and effort and the Ramen tastes just as good (if not better) as if you were to cook it on the stove.

Hello yes can I eat this


My Stomach + Ramen = Pain... Lots n' Lots o' Pain.

Shredditedededededededed Tritlets ~Plural

my favirote is the hot and spicy With shrimp one i can get for 2 cent, man america is great i didn't have ramen in europe


a ramen bar! that sounds really good to be honest

that must suck

how do they?

is anybody else getting this bug where notifications are not showing up? if so how to fix?

It hurts my stomach so much...

This has been an issue for a week now. So far, there has been no solution.

Well what type do you eat that makes it hurt? you could be allergic to some ingrediant


Take out your stomach then
and then you can enjoy chicken flavored cup noodles.

All of them...

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must be some ingrediant
or a weak stomach either way.

College Sustain Product :fork_and_knife:

Maybe if your weren't a salty scrublord you could actually eat ramen.

Ah That Japanese Dish.

It's just so painful. I can't control it. :cry:

All you scrubs are talking about the fake packed ramen, real ramen at restaurants taste amazing.


They do.
And then I put 5 liters of sriracha sauce in my ramen.