Ramunu, Master of Iron

An old and nimble Toa of Iron, and the leader of Poaki and the other Toa Trava. His thin frame grants him incredible speed, and he can tear apart armor with ease using his Forger’s Axe.

Sorry for the atrocious poor camera quality, I had to take these with an old iPad.

Edit: I forgot to get any pictures of it, but it’s worth mentioning that almost any 2001 Kanohi can be connected to his axe. This could be seen as a means of powering it up, but I like to see it as a way for the axe to be used as more of a tool in a mask maker’s forge.


This is amazing
He has that Monk Astethic

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That’s exactly what I was going for, thank you!

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That red bit bugs me.

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The elbows are a bit odd, but other than that, he looks great!

Boy…overstating much? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, this guy’s really cool! I love how he contrasts with Poaki’s bulkiness, and the orange tubing in his legs makes it look like he has giant springs, which reflects his speediness. And props for making a blade that was never supposed to be axe-like really evoke the shape of an axe. It seems a little small to be functional in real life, but (1) this is BIONICLE and (2) it’s unique.

Nicely done! I think I might borrow that arm technique sometime…looking forward to the other Toa on this team, if you plan on posting them!


Thank you! The elbows are pretty strange, but I couldn’t think of any better way to pull them off using those pieces and colors.

Feel free to use anything you see here!
My aim with this team is to make them diverse but still functional as a group, glad you like how the two so far contrast.
I do plan to finish the team, and a WIP of the Toa of Ice has already been posted in a thread with some less serious MOCs (although he’s received quite a few changes since then).
Thank you very much for your feedback!

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My favorite part is the waist. Really nicely built.

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He has some gaps around the stomach area, but since it isn’t a person, it works well, kinda gives it a gaunt look, which works well for a nimble, and old character…


It’s not that bad. Either that or my quality in unbearable…

The moc looks good though :smile:

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Thank you!

Thanks! The gaps in the stomach were 100% intentional, as I thought they added to the springy look of the character.

I kind of overreacted to the camerawork, they looked much worse displayed on the iPad I took them on. Thank you!


My iPad camera really does suck, but yours really isn’t that bad…

Ha, I guess not…

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The nimble look of the MOC really fits the character, and the fact that he’s supposed to be agile and uses a mask of speed (whether that was intentional or not) is a nice touch.

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Thank you! I’d love to claim that the mask usage was intentional, but I just picked the best looking mask from my collection. Pretty cool though, thanks for pointing it out!

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The shins and forearms look a bit thin, but I love the color scheme and the concept. Very Bionicle-eqsue.

This is an amazing MOC with a very nice and unique design!

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The thin shins and forearms were a design choice, but I agree that I could have pulled them off better. Thanks for the comment!

Wow, thanks! Glad you like it!

Nice, simplistic build. looks cool

Really interesting design choice in the legs and wrists, but flows rather well with the moc. Also got to admit the idea for adding kanohi to the axe, interesting to say the least.