Ranaki Pakewa's Proof-of-Concept Character Sprites, MOCs, and Bio's

Just over a year ago I decided to make some physical MOC’s of the character’s in a story I am writing. I took some pictures with my iPod before putting all my Bionicle related stuff into storage. After a few months my iPod got so slow that I needed to reset it. I thought I had backed up all my images, but I hadn’t. That is when I decided to make pixel-art versions of the simpler ones, so I could share them with the community. I’ll give a brief bio for each character as well.

Character Group 1

Name: Tahili
Element: Gravity
Kanohi: Great Pakari
Weapons: Sword
Favorite Tactic: Using his Gravity powers, he increases the weight of his sword, and uses his Pakari to increase the power in his swing to land crushing blows upon his opponents.
Tahili is a very level-headed Toa, always looking at the big picture objectively. Don’t let his grounded personality fool you, he is never short on sarcastic comments, delivered with a perfectly straight face.

Name: Parahi
Element: Iron
Kanohi: Noble Huna
Weapons: Fe-Blade, Clawed Hand
Favorite Tactic: Using his Iron powers, he changes the shape and size of his blade and armor to best fit the scenario.
Parahi is the most thick-headed of the group, but don’t mistake him for being dull. He may need to be reminded of what the objective is, but he will always find a way to get there. He also can be very stubborn, and has a strong resolve, never backing down.

Name: Nitahna
Element: Lightning
Kanohi: Noble Matatu
Weapons: Double-Ended Axe, Catcher Claw
Favorite Tactic: Using her Cather Claw to grab her target, and pump them with immense voltage.
Nitahna is shockingly quick, and painfully straightforward. She is a highly curious individual, and is quite insistent, especially once she has a plan.

I lost this character’s sprite, and I’m too tired to re-make it right now. I might edit it in later, who knows?
Name: Mahuki
Element: Psionics
Kanohi: Great Pakari
Weapons: Short Sword
Favorite Tactic: Using psychic powers and mental attacks to sway the enemy long enough for her allies to deal a final blow.
Mahuki is thought of as the little sister of the group. She tends to be quite eccentric and quirky, and give off a feeling of innocence. She always wants to help, but sometimes gets in the way.

Character Group 2

Name: Zaphor
Element: Ice
Kanohi: Nuva Akaku
Weapons: Claws, Buzz Saw, Ice Pick Staff
Favorite Tactic: Using his staff to hook onto his opponent, he will then pull them back towards him, and right into his saw.
Zaphor isn’t known for his friendly side. He doesn’t enjoy being a part of the group, and has even considered betrayal a few times. Don’t even think about mentioning his former best (and only) friend Matoro; he still feels responsible for what happened to him.

Name: Wahani
Element: Water
Kanohi: Great Kaukau
Weapons: Disintegration/Water Gun, Trident, Hooks
Favorite Tactic: Uses bursts of water to keep enemies disoriented, while she finds an opening to strike, and disintegrate them.
Wahani has a bubbly personality, the kind that grinds on Zephor’s already ground gears. She has a soft spot for Rahi, and can usually be found playing with Bucky; just don’t let Jahor know about that.

Name: Jahor
Element: Stone
Kanohi: Noble Komau
Weapons: Fracturing Hammer, Seismic Shield
Favorite Tactic: Smash. Shake. Fracture. Break. Demolish.
Jahor is a hard worker, always staying on task. Most of the other matoran see him as being serious, but that is only on the outside. Wahani’s antics always make him chuckle, even if the rest are unamused.

Name: Bucky, Jahor’s Noble Steed
Weapons: Fragmentation Bolt Launchers, Drill
Favorite Tactic: If he can’t blow it apart, he’ll drill through it.
Bucky is Jahor’s companion, having been by his side longer than any of the other team members have known each-other. He was made using a couple Bohrok and a Panrahk after the first invasion of Po-Koro.

Name: Zihan
Element: Fire
Kanohi: Nuva Hau
Weapons: Fire Staff/Flame Thrower, Buzz Saw, Giant Mech
Favorite Tactic: Tank his way through the hoardes, while sending them up in blazes.
Zihan may have bit of a temper issue, usually sparked by Wahani’s carelessness, Irahna’s jokes, or Zephor’s lackadaisical attitude, but he does have the best interest of the remaining matoran at heart. He may be a bit harsh on the no-nonsense, but it is only because he believes order will help them prevail.

Name: Irahna
Element: Air
Kanohi: Nuva Miru
Weapons: Gatling Gun, Acid Shield, Glider Wings
Favorite Tactic: Fly above the enemy and crop-dust them with acid.
Irahna thinks the best cure for the catastrophic happenings is a good mood and a light-hearted joke, only Zihan and Zaphor don’t seem to agree. He enjoys playing pranks on Jahor, even though they sometimes go too far.

Just today, after typing most of this up, I found the original pictures on a flash drive I thought I had lost forever. I’ll be editing them in later.

Edit: And here they are! I will be editing in more pics of other story-related MOCs later; ones that were too complex to sprite. Please excuse the cruddy photography. I was in a hurry, trying to use my iPod as a camera.


These look pretty nice! I think Tahili is probably my favorite of the group, both in terms of power and personality.

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woah these are some pretty neat guys, I like the weapons and personalities they have


Just thought /i’d point that out. Anyway, Tahili is my favorite is well


Great job on all of these, but I second this.
Tahili is awesome. Makes me want to make a ton of mata build mocs.


Nicely done.

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Very nice.

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Just saw the mocs. Great job on all of these! Tahili is still my favorite :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The turagarahkshimatoran things

They scare me


Very interesting colour schemes that work surprisingly well!

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On, the Purple White and black one reminds me of a villain I have, only his MOC is mostly black with trans-orange while the character can have any mix of these colors