Random inika build toa of ice thingy!

I was bored so I grabbed some Inika pieces and made this guy for the nostalgia of when I didn't have to worry about custom torsos!

This moc isn't really supposed to be taken seriously so there's really no reason for constructive criticism.


You really need to just make one topic for all your mocs.


Yeah I'll probably do that

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IT'S ME! grinning

But yeah, for an Inika build this is aight. I would have switched the armor on the lower legs and upper arms though.

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umm, where did you get that Gray Dragon Head? (I only know about red and green ones)

I got it in a assorted bag of lego.

@Creep It's from some Vikings set.

I i would gess, then yeah, askung since i have metru red dragon head, used!

"... when I didn't have to worry about custom torsos"

You don't need to, you know. MOCs can be excellent regardless of complexity.