Random jungle character

Could some one pls comment a cool name for this character pls I have no idea who it is


Call him Leaf-boi…


Cool name ill llok at the results and pick at the end so thx for an idea

Based on the poses it’s difficult to tell how everything looks from the front.

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Thx for th dvise ill try to show the front more often

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Let’s call him junglar

Get all the people you can find to come like the two names then I shall pick the comment with the most likes

The plants on it are cool but the lack of mask is really bad.

That’s possibly the most unoriginal name I’ve heard.

Wow, this is something different, I like it!

When I saw it, I thought of “Tagu”, or “Dagu”, or something like that, as a possible name. I think it fits the character.


The voting has about an hour left pls get some people to vote if you want your ne as the official name for this jungle character

Toa Bingzak

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Call him…


Over all the commented name with the most likes os leaf boi so that is its name

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Well the LEAFY guy IS HERE now. Ba-dum-tiss.

I like how tribal it looks. Seems like it would fit in well with a voodoo-heads type of theme.[quote=“Kopeke_Nuva, post:14, topic:29297”]
Well the LEAFY guy IS HERE now

get out