Random MOC: damascus the bull gladiator

A descendant of the hunter clan, damascus sought a life of fame and violence so naturally he became a gladiator

I dont expect any good replies :laughing:


He does have some problems like the lack of armor on the back of the legs or too many shades of brown, but overall I really like the look of him.

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Thanks, i actually already scrapped this moc for the parts because im making something bigger
I do agree with your points though, i’ll fix those in future MOCs
But uh. Theres only one shade of brown though
Excpet if you count that one on the back, if so then 2

Sorry, with the way the light was shining on some of the parts I thought they were a lighter brown.

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Np im sorry for the bad lighting :laughing:

No such a thing, but it really looks like gladiator

The top half and the bottom half look like they are from two completely separate mocs.

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Fair point

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I actually like it! Sure, it is not to best you can do, but for what it is, it’s ok.

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