Random Sketch- Nightfury

Best dragon, best character in the movies. I think we can all agree on that to some degree.

Edit: Forget the best dragon part, I just remembered that the Fireworm Queen was a thing.

Another dumb sketch coming later today! Probably! Maybe! I have no clue! Kudos to whoever guesses the pop-culture icon from this famous quote: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”


No and maybe.
But that’s just my opinion. (Stormcutter is my personal favorite dragon breed, but I’ve never had a set favorite character)
But that out of the way, it looks great!

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This is adorable!

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Best dragon

just sayin

this is really cute by the way, the little butterfly just makes the whole thing

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I think so - the movie shoves Tootheless up your mouth the way you simply cannot dislike it.

love it… <3

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Looks so cute