Random Sketch of my Self MOC

A quick sketch of my rather complicated self MOC, Aegis. For now all I can let you know is that he is a sort of mixture between both the concepts and appearance of the Changelings from MLP and the Vortixx. The backstory and actual MOC will come on these forums at a later date since this is just a concept sketch, but for now I’ll just let the drawing explain itself. ^.^
I hope you guys find it nice.

I apologize for the crummy quality of the photos. xD
I’m rather horrible when it comes to photography, even one as minor as this. xP


Are there actual pictures of the MOC?

Not as of yet. He’s still… “in development.” When I feel that he’s presentable enough, I’ll reveal it. xD

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Then I’ll take this as “concept art” :wink:


pretty cool for some concept art, can’t wait to see the actual moc :smile:

I am very interested to see that head pulled of in actual bricks

Those pictures are pretty impressive. Nice job

looks really cool

good luck one the Lego version :wink:

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Cool. What build do you plan on using for the head?

These look pretty cool, can’t wait to see how you pull this off in actual LEGO.

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wow this looks really awesome

I like the style! Really nice!