Random Stand-esque Thing

Sorta just throwing ideas around, the head came out pretty well imo

Thoughts? Critiques?

Is that a Jojo Reference?!


This is unique

That’s good, I wanted it to have an alien feel.

It looks great, definitely different then anything I’ve seen.

Why are there no mixel eyes

Great more system based moc.

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I have made an unforgivable mistake…



what song is your favourite? and then you use it as the name

my self moc’s stand is called lightening rider (ride the lightning) the stand arrow version is
lightening rider fade to black

Watch him name it Careless Whisper

@LTVmocs lmao good one

looks like d4c (dirty deeds done dirt cheap)

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Yeah, I felt like using the idea of D4C’s horns. They’re a bit finicky, but work.

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