Random Tahu Sketch

So, i was bored and i decided to make a quick sketch of Tahu.

Any criticism is well accepted. :stuck_out_tongue:


looks nice!

um, the mask isn't round enough on the top :wink:

The mask looks a little short, and the right foot is a little too big, other than that this is looking good


Thanks for the suggestions :smiley:

The arms look a little weird to me, the mask is a little to short, and the foot is a little too long.
Over all though this is groovy.

It could use some work. The Hau is a bit too egg-shaped and his arms could use some bulking up. But you did nail the aesthetic.

I like that mask and his legs.

I love the look of the hau!
Most of the minor complaints were summed up by the groove man @GIF.Man.Ben

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Thanks for the feedback!

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