Random Thoughts that come to your head

He didn’t just do that.


Another batch random thoughts

  1. It would be really interesting to watch a group of tiny humans navigate a room
  2. A lot of people are afraid of spiders, but less people seem to afraid of scorpions. Kind of interesting, seeing as a scorpion’s pretty much a spider but with more weaponry
  3. If we wanted to, how long would it take for us to destroy all life on earth, and how would we go about doing it?


  1. Could teleportation be used used a sort of time travel? Say you have to turn in an assignment on your computer. Would you be able to teleport to a place in a different timezone, and get a few more hours to work?

Edit 2:

  1. In 1969, people went to the moon. In a few years, we’ll probably get to Mars. What will be the next big goal after that?

Edit 3:

  1. There should be a word for an adjective that describes an adjective (ex: surprisingly delicious, or particularly interesting). Apparently, it’s considered an adverb, but I don’t like that; adverbs should only describe verbs.

Edit 4:

  1. Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, hot, cool, and cold are words used to describe both foods and people

Edit 5:

  1. If a time-traveller went to the past or future, then their wealth would increase or decrease because of inflation. Would be interesting to see this addressed in a movie or book.
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people always think that, but you have to consider the printing dates being from the future would be pretty sussy

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Books should be numbered the exact opposite way they are today. Instead of starting on page 1, you should start with the highest numbered page, and then it counts down until the page with number 1. This way, you can always tell how many pages you have left.


Why must I get hungry at about 8 in the evening, after I just had a hearty dinner?

Why can’t I use a wish spell in Dungeons and Dragons to turn my Fire Genesis into Jaller Inika?

When will we get the Transformers vs. Bionicle movie?

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You put your hand beside your mouth for both yelling and whispering.


Shh, I can’t hear you.

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Why is it that about 80% of college freshmen are total fools? When they aren’t having dumb conversations, they are cursing and babbling about rap and violence against anyone and everyone. Why they like rap is beyond me, as it’s basically Freud’s killing/death instinct put to the beat of a frenzied drummer.


College is just Adolescence Part 2: The Revengeance.

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Hornets are just wasps with a Super Mushroom

Wasps are all evil.