Randomish figure photography

nobody ever looks at these anymore but


Your photos always look fantastic. What camera/camera set up do you use?

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i use one of these: https://www.google.ca/search?client=firefox-b-ab&biw=1252&bih=582&tbm=isch&q=nikon+1+s1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiTxtKvo7rQAhUM3IMKHbEKCc4QhyYIHg#imgrc=P1c1PUic81awoM%3A

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Cool photos

Also, my friend and I were talking about how weird it would be to ask your parents if you can a "Soft and Wet" figure.


TFW you posted an image topic with a Vehicon picture just yesterday

These look neat, but a lot of the poses are very static, sorta just standing there. There's not a whole lot of motion to them, most of the effect being just in the camera angle. Some of the camera tilts seem extreme for the sake of it, and kind of random in that regard.

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''heyo dad can i get a soft and wet''


Nice. I like the one with Garry. (The Vehicon)

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and yeah that's definitely one of the cooler images

The Vehicon naturally just looks dynamic, ironic for cannon fodder.

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Man I want that figure so bad.

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One of the things I like about your photography is that you can create cool and interesting without the help of a fancy background.

I always enjoy seeing more of your photography, and all the fancy poses you can pull off with your figures. Keep up the great work!

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Where did you get that Kylo Ren?

I especially like these two.

Something about the compositions just really works...


Thanks guys!

here's more:

got it for chrismas from my dad


The first one is amazing! :laughing:


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dude where did that name even come from

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The Vehicon is my favourite picture.

So, what do you use to take your pictures?

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Watch the end.



I posted this yesterday