Rando's Random MOC Topic

So here I'll just be leaving a bunch of random MOCs that I feel aren't worth making individual topics for.

First up we have a bunch of visorak MOCs. woooo

This is the vhiinorak, which you can learn more about here.

The caxisorak, which is blind. Check out the page to learn more.

And now we have the gathurak. Learn more here.

This is the waddler, a fairly common rahi species in my storyline. Learn more about them here, though keep in mind that the page is somewhat outdated.

A pretty basic ga-matoran named Xavlo. The torso was inspired by Kiina's torso (this MOC was constructed in early 2009, before the release of the summer sets). Learn more about her here.

And finally we have the rifix dragon. A dangerous, dragon-like rahi that inhabits areas around mountain tops. Definitely the cream of the crop (for now, at least). Despite the simplicity, I'm very please with the legs. Learn more about this rahi here.

My favourite part of the MOC is the head and was my first attempt at a custom head of any sort. I think it looks pretty menacing. stuck_out_tongue

I'll be updating this topic as regularly as I can, so let me know what you think of these random MOCs in the meantime. smiley


Was Rifix Dragon versus Rando the Kardas Dragon ever a thing?


All of these are really good! Rifix could have had his own topic imo.


@HawkCore_Hunter I don't recall that.

@Seto_Kaiba Thanks! I suppose it could have, I think putting it in a topic like this was probably just due to my laziness. stuck_out_tongue

@KOSROBOT I'm glad you like them! Making simple MOCs is a nice 'break' (for lack of a better word) from making my, usually more complex, MOCs.


Good mocs! I like your simple, but interesting choices, looks natural.

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I just read about them yesterday stuck_out_tongue


Dang, excellent mocs


I really like the spiders.

Love the red and blue Visorak.

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I love the Visorak! They aren't overtly complex or impressive build-wise, but man does it make me nostalgic looking at them and reading the stories.

The waddler(perhaps a more in-universe style name would help) and Ga matoran are good, albeit simple.

The dragon is quite cool too.

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@JMP Thank you!

@tahtorak I'm glad you like them.

@squeaverking Thanks! smile

@Garnira Thanks! The visorak are essentially the old design with minor tweaks. The waddler is called that because it was inspired by penguins, but a more unique name would help.

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those visorak, those are cool, the waddler is cute, ga-matoran looks kinda cool, though those av matoran limbs will severely limit possibility, the dragon is bad-arse

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Thanks! I'm assuming you meant poseability when talking about the matoran? Yeah, no bending limbs but that's honestly not an issue for me when it comes to matoran.

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My favorite ones are the Rifix Dragon and the spitting visorak. Excellent color schemes and designs. They'd fit in well with the G1 Bionicle Universe.

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Thank you! My storyline still takes place during the G1 storyline, so that's pretty handy. stuck_out_tongue

I don't know if it was intentional but vhiinorak has Spider-Man color scheme.


I had no idea until you pointed that out. That's quite freaky, actually. :S

@ChaoticTempleKnight I'm really glad you like the MOCs, thanks! But you have an interesting (and frankly dangerous) taste in pets.

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Alright, here is my opinion on each of these MOCs:

All of the Visorak MOCs: Oh my god these are awesome. I love it when abstract color schemes are used

Waddler: Freaking adorable

Xavio: She looks awesome and I love the color scheme

Rifix Dragon: I want him as a pet....

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