Rania Toa Of Uranium

Man, if this moc was a real person she could easily survive through the Fallout waste land. Anyway, toa of uranium everybody, an actual element from the periodic table and I put those mars mission crystals into good use. This is my first Toa that ISN’T a revamp referring back to my kopaka 2015 revamp, HA! looking back at cringe worthy mocs of mine. Her main two weapons are A radiant bomb that works as a paralyzing weapon when impacted onto a target. The other is a UG-27 ( just came up with it ) gun that works similar to the pulse cannon from star wars battlefront, just charge it up and bam, he dead.


The head is a bit weird, but I like.

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looks pretty cool

but to be honest, I never understood the toa of periodic elements


The head is the most defining feature of the moc, and for good reason.

I’m a bit skeptical about the proportions of the legs, given that the knee joint seems to be a bit high up… unless you were going for a ‘wearing heels’ look a la Roodaka. The head is a really cool design, and there’s interesting parts usage all over, but the result ends up looking rather jumbled; system upper arms, Bionicle armor on the torso, lots of blocky technic in the legs… Still, the overall result is quite good. Could use some refinement, but a cool MOC all the same.

As a nuclear engineering student, though, I’m obligated to point out that, if the crystals are meant to be highly radioactive material giving off light as per the process of bremsstrahlung, they’re the wrong color. Having stood above a reactor in operation, I can testify that the light that it produces is not yellow or green, but light blue, as per this picture:

By that logic, her primary color’s spot-on, though :grinning:

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huh, learn something knew everyday

Aside from the weird head, she looks pretty good

It’s good. I only wish it had more green

The design and colours are pretty cool, but the neck seems a bit too big

The hair would work better without the balljoints.

But the color scheme is awesome!

I like the concept.

Good MOC, looks kind of bird-like.

I got to say this looks great!
Really like what you did with the chest.

She looks really groovy man.

Parts of the limbs look kind of strange to me but other then that, she is really nice looking.

Would not want to cause her to go off. /s