Rannotitan V2

The Rannotitan, creature of horror. A beast of massive power and overwhelming strength. Not much is known about the beast in Okoto, for the beast is not located on said island. However, on Okoto's neighboring island, the land of Adasa, the Rannotitan is a serious threat.

Yo tell me watcha think bout this, eh?


I really like the body, but I'm not sure how I feel about the head. It looks a little flat.

Also the color scheme is alright. I like how you kept it consistent.

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Love everything about this MOC except the head.

The body is superb, the color scheme is pretty good although I don't know how I feel about the head. I think it needs soem work.

Overall great moc, I love the colors and how the armor overlaps. Maybe, if possible add some color, or armor, to the head.

I really like this thing it looks amazing especially the legs


really cool.
you could try giving it some wings the head speaks more dragon to me that would make it even better.

The head is indeed its weakest point... I would actually like to see a bit broader head with more imposing jaws, but a slim snout can work too. In which case I'd suggest trying to add some more teeth to add to the feeling that it's actually a threat.

As for the rest, great work, Viridi!

I know this is sort of repetitive but the head needs something. I'm not saying the head is bad but a mostly Technic head looks out of place near a CCBS body. Maybe if you could get some shells to put on it.

Unsophisticated Xevian Review Time!

Concept: Great
Better than what Xevins can do: Yup
Effort: The Moc looks really well done.
Total: 9.8/10

The MOC is very good overall. However, the head build is very weird, and it could use a bit more color. 8/10

pretty good! colour scheme is good but yes a little more colour would be nice, and the head is a bit narrow. but the shape of the body is very good. 8.5 out of ten

Might as well add a bit to the backstory on this guy, and Adasa in general:

The island of Adasa is an isolated place. Some say it is merely a myth, an old legend used to tell the most farfetched of stories. Others say it is a place untouched by any civilization, a land ruled by the primal instinct and bestial minds of monstrous beings. Only few have ever come to know the truth. The island is a land that was untouched by any civilized hand for centuries, until a small group of villagers arrived there in an act of exploration. It did not end well, as none of the brave pioneers returned. Years later, the brave Kivoda led a small team to search for any left alive.

They barely made it out alive. No signs of the explorers were found, and no one involved in the mission would ever wish to return. One of the villagers involved wrote about the terror that led them to evacuate in a dairy, now used as the official document regarding the expedition.

We encountered a large, reptilian creature. It's scales were a bright red, it was armed with the sharpest of claws and the strongest of tails, a threatening display of two large horns on it's head to top off it's nightmarish appearance. We stood no chance against such power. It was as fast as a herd of Sand Racers, as mighty as thirty protectors, and possessed a scorching fire breath as heated as the core of the Mountain of Inferno itself. After we set sail away from the creature, we all knew it was behind this. It is, no doubt, a beast who relishes in death and chaos. We dubbed it "Rannotitan", Titan of Suffering.

THERE YA HAVE IT. Thats the story. Small, I know. Like it?

That's a pretty well written bio for the Rannotitan. It doesn't need to be large, as long as it details just exactly what someone who faces it would think of it, which you did exceptionally well here.

Keep up the good work!