RaptorTalon V10

"The days have dawned, the angels have been guardians. The battles have been fought, the fallen have risen, yet to fall, the skies have followed in the falling, and the demons, fight a war"

Theme song: https://youtu.be/5ZtMHSOq50Q

Shall we begin?........................................

So yea, I guess today is the day! RaptorTalon is not even a year old (yet my account soon will be) and he has made it to V10. I believe this is a testament to my lack of a life, but more importantly, how far he has come. I will go over that on my MOCaversariy post. but for now let us look at the tenth version of RaptorTalon.

NAME: RaptorTalon.
RACE: Robot/Hero.
AGE: 30. (a teenager in robot years)
BIRTHPLACE: Hero Factory.
TOOLS: Shield, blaster, staff, knives, sword, leg and back mounted rockets.
FAMILY: He has two "brothers" but he is a robot, so none?.
ALIAS(S): "Master of the core", "Hero of the core", "Fire of the Core", "Creator's bane" all formerly.
PERSONALITY: Upbeat and strong-willed around those he trusts, yet when things get tough he is a stone-face warrior with the intent of survival.
BIO: RaptorTalon was created by the Kerosiian being known as "the Creator" to be a super-solider to end all of the Kerosiian's many wars. yet the quaza they used for his heart-stone showed to be to strong and pushed his mind into control over the programming. he then escaped and crashed on a quaza mining planet were future Hero cores were being dug. he exploded and shot his core into a mine. leaving it to rest for many years. his core was later found, and was made into a Hero core, making him the newest rookie on the Galex 11 team. he climbed the ranks to commander of the team and led them through many wars and battles.

Now you start reading my HF story...

On to the MOC!

Feet and legs.

Torso, head, and arms.

Side view.


AND NOW FOR SOME POSES.........yea...

Bye! and I will see you again soon!



  • Color scheme is very consistent
  • Like the blend of Lime-Green and White;They mesh together pretty good
  • The body seems to have been built well
  • Balance between the two main colors is off
  • Spikes look off on the thighs and lower arms
  • Hero Core and Head color are a bit hard to see with the Lime-Green behind/above them
  • Lance-like weapon 's top could be on the bottom, with the bottom moving to the top; It would make it look more like a weapon rather than a shovel stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
  • Shields on the bottom of the feet look a little off with the foot being a little bit longer

I would give it an overall rating of a 7/10.
It is definetly a Hero Factory Hero, a fantastic looking one at that, but it does have its fault in a few areas.
Good Job! smiley

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Noted, the weapon was thrown together and I will be making a better one soon. I see that with the feet and I just ignore it. but it is your choice not to. the colors are off due to my lack of green CCBS. Thanks a ton man!

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No problem. wink

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Looking pretty cool.

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Danke good sir!.

I like it.


cake cake cookie cookie

(Rating is out of 3 cakes, 3 cookies = 1 cake)

He needs a gun.

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Thanks! I will be making one soon!


'Yeh, I always expected him to be black and green. I don't know...


Sweet build! I really like the filtered picture too.


Ehhhhhhhhh.............too generic,

Thanks man!

I'd argue that white and green is more challenging, anyway.
(having built a self moc using black and lime)

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and white and green looks a lot better to me. I do not like using a ton of black, nor do I have too much black.

Understandable, I have mainly black and hardly any white.

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I have a ton of white, witch doctor and a bunch of stormer's.

Thanks! glad you like it!

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First off...what did you use to tag me...? It's like this weird pointing finger as the notification.

Second, now I regret not having the time to help with the legs. The chestplate legs still look just as lazy and underwhelming as they did on Tahu, although at the very least they have some back armor.

Torso is continually improving, though. It's a lot better than it used to be.


I used the invite button.

I can see what you mean with the legs.

and Thanks!

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looks good


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Thank you.

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