RaptorTalon V10

Torso/chest looks awesome

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Thank you!

I really like it !

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Much thanks.


In any case, I don't mind the legs much, and I actually really like the spiky theming you've done with the torso and arms.

It makes those Frost Beast/Sir Fangar pieces on the shoulders really work out, and give the chestplate a nice shape.

Keep on rockin'

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Thanks Nyran! glad you like him!

Well, I already commented on this on mocpages... So lemme ask you something. Have you ever considered turning your camera sideways? It looks like Raptortalon is too big for the frame, and there is a lot of space to the side as well.... smiley

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Uh, no, because I do not feel like turning a computer on its side.

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You take pictures with a computer? Like, is there a camera on the machine???

Yes. I use my webcam.

Ohhhhhh.... That makes sense.

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Awesome! He looks like a big hunk of destruction! smiley

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Much Thanks!

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Man. I remember when you couldn't torso to save your life. And that one, whilst needing much work, is really good. Whatever those appendages on his shoulders are, they must go. The sparsely placed friction-adders must also begone. The armor on the hips is quite strange, I can't honestly say that I know what you were going for at a glance. The backs of the legs need some serious work. I see they're some manner of jet-boots, and that'd be fine... but the chestplates on the front of the leg makes them look like RaptorTalon would topple forward the second her hit the ground.

Overall, I think I'm having a hard time believing you were just a noob a few months ago, as this is quite upping the ante. Honestly, some people never get this far. This is certainly an outstanding improvement. Which is something you should be proud of for sure! For a simpler MOC, this is pretty good. the problem is that it tiptoes between being more custom or more CCBS, and that aesthetic is very difficult thing to master. I recommend making more of him custom, and fixing the other bits I mentioned above, even if some of them are nitpicks.

Well, I certainly hope I helped!


Thank you Sean! you did help and I will take that into consideration. Thanks again for your compliments and critiques. but what quite do you mean by


... I have no idea. I, too, am fairly perplexed by that statement. I think I meant that his legs looked front heavy. You'll have to forgive me, my sleep problems seem to be getting problematic even on the internet =P

Okay. even if they are kinda BACK heavy.

Sean, go to sleep.

BTW RT is a dude stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

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Gr8 m8. Nice moc, backstory is an 8/8.

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Thank you!