Rassima- The Demon

This moc was created with one purpose in mind: To build a torso that covered up the mouth of the head attached to it. And I was rather pleased with the result.

Back view, could be better

A comparison with the standard Toa


It looks great!
You’ve accomplished your objective extremely well, still have decent proportions,and given it a feminine shape.

While it doesn’t give off a demon vibe to me (I would think it needs more spikes), it still looks awesome!

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Love it’s design. Nice work!

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Why do you want to cover the mouth?

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Oh hey it’s you again! I havem’t seen one of your MOCs in ages!

Not a fan of the Nuva shoulder armor pieces in this one. They look really awkward to me IMO. I really like the leg construction though. It’s amazing.

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Dude thats pretty cool

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It was never finished but I almost did this a few weeks ago with Ekimu’s Protector mask and one of those curvy armor bits from his shoulders.

The result was later modified and became Oasis :stuck_out_tongue:

Pertaining to THIS MOC, however, aside from the horrendous open socket on the lower legs, she’s actually pretty good! I really like how the torso turned out, especially with the Noble Avsa.

I guess my biggest complaint is the inconsistency of color. I’d like to see a bit more dark blue on here, but instead you have a lot of sand blue because it comes in more CCBS shells. Otherwise, I quite enjoy this.

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I really like it! You accomplished the main goal very nicely, and the MOC just looks great.
The colors are pleasing too (except for those red pins on the back of the legs :wink:).

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Cause I thought about it, and it seemed cool.

Oh, yeah, thanks. The Nuva shoulders were a relatively late addition, but I think the moc is better with them than without them.


Though when I first saw this, I was afraid you were talking about the dark gray. But you are right.


A’course :slight_smile:

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