Rast, Toa of Iron - By Sidorak

The leader of my Toa Team, Rast:
And yes, I wanted him to be assimetric, and to feel like he is made out from scrap metal.
Oh, and he has that Kraata pet :smiley:


Doesn’t feel very Toa-like to me, if I’m honest, but you pulled off the scrapmetal look really well.


He looked more like a Toa, but time passed… he became old, so… he needed to “patch” up himself. :slight_smile:

Wow he is very creative. Again the foot on the back but still the arm connection, the leg connection. All very creative and look great. I also love how you made some parts different and not the same as to give him a scrapyard look. Very great, I’m a fan of your mocs already.

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Thank you again :smiley:

No prob.

I really like the design of this MOC. The scrap metal look can either turn out really bad or really good if it’s done right, and I think you pulled off that look really well.
Also, love the eye scope that you gave him! :smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m not really seeing him being a toa with a kraata. I really like the scrap metal look and the chest design. the head is interesting. Overall good job!


It looks like energized Protodermis did something to him. But maybe that could be part of his story. :smiley:

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Interesting concept. Great work on the scrappy look too :smiley: