Ratak MOC

defenatly a more generic creation. it has a gear function though wich you can kinda see. the main focus whas to implement a gear function into a ccbs MOC. I don’t have extra gear box pieces from the bionicle 2015 line yet so I made a custom contraption. not really complicated.

sorry for the armor plate 3 that is missing I only noticed when I looked at the picture. RIP OCD :frowning:


That looks amazing. The torso armor looks odd with the single shield piece tacked on.

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It’s a neat little moc. I’d love a back view. Good job.

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takanuvaMasterOfTime: I already took him apart but it was just some ccbs armor + a red ballpoint that you could turn for the gear function

Rocksteady: the armor plate made it easier to make but I expected people to say that, I don’t dissagree.



Would consider flipping the torso armour so that it gets smaller lower down the body, otherwise it just seems like a very blocky body. Seems like a good idea for a set otherwise, could see this being a real set at some stage

He looks pretty ready to stab a dude if need be.


Awesome! but Rocksteady is right.

I made 3 Mocs with custom gearboxes. I think it’s an underused idea in mocing.

it’s pretty fun to mess around with though (:

Yes it is. I wonder why more MOC’s don’t have them.

most people go for details and not functions