Rate the avatar of the user above you

Weird cat thing/10

Unknown person 10/


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Weird character 10/

One of your F1 photos would make a better profile pick/10

Mistika is not a mistake \6

The phantoka were pretty cool!/10

Tahu was nice, I liked Onua, Gali was pretty bad though/10

Cute but slightly evil looking anime kid/10

Mistika was partially a mistake. 2/10

Annoyed round color ball covered in smaller child color balls/10
(I know they’re countries but I don’t recognize the flags and don’t want to make any false assumptions)

I would say the word but I know I shouldn’t I want to though no, I want to, just to get it out of my system/10

Stock footage. 2/10
@MaximusPrimal from laft to right: Gypsyball, Szekelylandball, Moldovaball, Transnistriaball, and I think that by now you know who is the one from the centre.

Country balls 10/

8/10 pretty cool profile picture in reference to a pretty cool lego theme with a pretty cool game

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The O of evil!/10

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I was gonna say that but I didn’t

Lizardy Man

Bug makuta are best makuta/10

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The movies were OK but the TV show hurt

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