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Spiky hair/10

Spooky skull dragon/10

Very loosely based on the/books

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Silver surfer covered in peanut butter so obvious 10/10

O Boy 0/O

Beaver on a blue background/10

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Beaver’s are great. That’s it. Nothing else needs to be said.

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Gundam dude/10

Best animated movies ever, 100/10.



Finally somewhere around here with good taste.

@Spiderus_Prime Spongebob knows what the best action film of the year really is.

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Nice gif from a heccin swell movie

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Meme dud /5

Some bionicle boi /8

Legitimately hilarious pun/10

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Still haven’t seen it/10

Country balls aren’t that funny to me/10

S for same

Bald guy/10


The character I can’t talk about because spoilers.