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I used to call helicopters hockakoktas as small children tend to not have fully developed speech.


Dangit! I know that’s what happened in Endgame. Why’d ya have to spoil it?/10

r/gundam has sinned

Alien 10/

Lego’s edgy phase/10

Maximus’ edgy phase/10

Romanian flags/1000


Annoyed country ball/10

Unpopular opinion: I actually like Eggman’s new design.


What is a countryball?/10

Red Boi/10

Evil science capitalism/10

Bob the- I mean, Eggman the builder/10

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Spooky gundam/10

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Robotnik Engie/10

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King of Monsters superior.
Endgame inferior.
So says the sponge.

Always wear a helmet!
Brought to you by: someone who learned it too little too late.

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Purple Dragon with Skull Basher’s mask 10/

Never cared for that line.