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Random Solider/10

A Brotherhood of NOD confessor, You old decrepit sponge!/10

Generic alt history baddie soldier, 1/10

International [REDACTED] of mystery/10

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Something, something JoJo reference/10

well drawn anime charecter that I don’t recognize/10

First time I’ve seen you without a TF actually.

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Cool looking robot, scorpion, soldier… Guy. /10

Yeah, but she’s still a robot.

Confessor CABAL. Computer Assisted Biologically Augment Lifeform.

Okay? Anime robot lady/10

creepy guy with a very large rifle and many eyes/10


High-tech soldier 8/10

Not quite sure what that is, but I think it’s pretty cool/10

It’s this.

Weird girl that looks like a cat 5/10


Mars Mission: Crystalien Conflict alien HQ animation!/10000

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Sci-fi Soldier 10/

I said multiple times what I think of it/10

Country balls. An interesting concept, but rarely is it actually funny./10

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Lady from anime I don’t recognize/10

A huge number of people would disagree.

Plus you’re an American. You don’t laugh of countryballs, we are the ones who laugh of USAball.

Soviet super soldier?/10

No, NOD Confessor. Your thinking of the Red Alert timeline.

Country balls/10