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Robot Dude 10/

Nokama Hordaka/10

That tin guy that Godzilla once fought/10

You’re thinking of Jet Jaguar. That’s Ultra Man. Who Jet Jaguar ripped off.

Santa hatted country balls. Out of season. Should be updated. 4/10.

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what makes you say that?

Typo. Fixed it.

Captain, looks like something out of Inspector Gadget/11

Reminds me of Cobra/10

Angry Scott/10

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Drinking tea/10

Early Japanese kids shows were fricken weird but I can’t understate the value they have… Out of ten.


Guy with gun/10

Two Godzillas with lightsabers. What else is there to say? We’ve peaked as a species the moment this concept was made reality. This is the pinnacle of human achievement. It’s all down hill from here.

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Anime Girl 10/

Evil Nokama/10

Godzilla Wars/10

Jojo character/10

Gunsguy /9

Headless Horseman/10