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Tahu Brickheadz 10/

Sinister-looking Rau/10


Really weird/10

To their own shore,
Came the world war.
Gleaves and Ingham,
Leading the bury west.

Look I read “Wolf_Pack” and I couldn’t help myself.

Really nice Tahu Brickheadz. Very well made. /10

Anime I think/10

Thanks, but it’s not Tahu. Every time someone rates my avatar and it’s my SM, everyone says it’s Tahu. It’s Talupus. Same mask, totally different character.


That’s fair, but I mean, Hau can we tell the difference if they have the same face?



RWBY Runa/10

Giant Mario climbing the Empire State Building/10

Scathing remark about mega evolutions/10

Watch out not to web yourself like always

you really don’t want to rate mine

Furry character if indeterminate gender/9

Guy with big gun/10

I don’t like the positioning of that spike/10

Furry creature/10

Mario climbing a building/10

Unlimited Power/10

I have once again killed a topic

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Spiderman with some sort of helmet on.
Seems like a friendly, neighbor like guy.

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a picture taken with meh lighting of a six-hole kraakhan on a moc which is indiscernable due to the proximity of the shot possibly overlayed onto a green background/10

It isn’t overlayed, my walls are just painted green.
I have an iPhone 6 so thats the best camera quality I have to work with.
The moc isn’t ready yet because I still need to find two more parts to finish it, but I will post it when it is finished, its my personal moc, a Teridax influenced Takutanuva! Hopefully will be posting pictures tomorrow or Friday so stay tuned!