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Uniter toa/10

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Pass the “t”/10

short yellow guy/10

Toa sets that sadly aren’t as good-looking IRL as they are in the show./10

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You, but MS paint./10

Heyzorks is from Britain/10

2016 toa/10

How did you find out

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I have my ways…
Uh I mean
Tea and biscuits/10

There is no tea, just 2016 toa sets/10

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British Lad/10

big guy/10

Toa Uniters/10

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If Jurassic park was a kids movie, also about a turtle and little boy who are friends in the city where the big turtle destroys stuff.

cool metru nui art/10

the boys in the void/10

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Ghid’s rules/10


a blue and orange man/10

Very Pixelly Toa Nuva10

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