Rate the Song Above You

4/10 for the beginning, but as I listened to the rest I would say 7/10, I would listen to this.

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8/10. I really like pre-2011 Coldplay. Especially the album this song is from (probably because it was the first album I ever actively anticipated the release of).

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7/10 technically fine, just not my thing.

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2/10 I don't like that style

The 4 Chords ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

In all seriousness it's not bad, but imo there isn't a whole lot that's special about it. It did grow on me by the end of it and it's just the right length not to go on too long. 6/10

10/10 I've never really been a big Porcupine Tree fan, but this seems like a combination of In Vain, Opeth, and Demons & Wizards. Love it.

10/10 its green day. anything less is sacrilege


10/10 Wurtz

video is broken. any Alt links/versions?

Does this work?

5/10 There are some cool like synth-y riffs in the quieter parts, and the song has a nice driving beat.

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10/10 It's Ballroom Blitz. Any other rating would be blasphemy

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6/10 interesting...

3/10 Not a big fan of the style.

7/10 This brings back memories.


9/10 Never been a big fan of 80's music, but this is a great song, and is one of the few exceptions

3/10 ew metal

5/10 found myself more board than enjoying it. the instrumentation is far too simple for my taste, and there is something about the singing that grinds me the wrong way. the effect of looping the vocals into a drone is interesting, but thats about it. technically fine, but I just dont like it, hence the 5.

(sorry for being long)

[T]/ praise the sun

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Great song, love the mix of dark and light tones. Also a Dark Souls song with lyrics I actually like.

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9/10 I love this type of video game music. Reminds me of music from the Soulcalibur series.

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