Rate the Song Above You

7/10 decent and catchy. I definitely vibed to it

8/10. I love it. I’m a big fan of hardcore in general.

7/10 dated as hell now, but it’s Linkin Park

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6/10 Start / build-up was good but fell apart for me after the drop

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7/10 Rob Zombie is weird and I like it.

7/10 Never felt so uncomfortable before.

8/10, cool instrumental but a little too falsetto in some parts of the chorus

Check out “Fighting the Beasts” (up to 2:20)

To be honest, that was one of the best parts for me.

10/10 Very nostalgic. I need to get back into playing MNOG again

7/10 Not to big on the chorus but it’s catchy. Also those guys are lame dancers.

7/10 It’s cool I guess

Kinda boring, it’s more about the video rather than the actual song. 6/10

Next Song:

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6/10 Eh. An okay song. It was good for Chima.He’s not saying his L’s sometimes.

Next Song: The Bionicle We Know The Way


How much out of 10 score would you give it?

Pretty decent song. I like how it sounds like the culture it’s supposed to represent. Not very memorable though.

Speaking of Disney, next we have the most underrated Disney song from a pretty underrated Disney movie:

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Oh… uh 6/10

It’s funny. 7/10 Haven’t seen the move, but it sounds right for his character.

Ok, next song: Let The Ordinary Make You Happy


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Very good song. Though not my personal type of music, I kinda enjoyed listing to it, even though I won’t probably listen to it again. I especially like it’s rather happy and joyful tone.

Next: Speak Life

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Christian mom: 100
I loved Toby as a kid, and I currently don’t mind his older stuff, but this is too recent. He wasn’t edgy anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
Next: Fell in Love With a Girl by The White Stripes

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7/10 definitely a good classic!

5/10 the singing parts were okay, then it goes into that wobble part :stuck_out_tongue:


9/10 I’m biased towards happy sounding songs