Rate the Song Above You

10/10 i love it.

The Introvert’s theme song.


7/10 nice

Me: Chilling at the computer playing Minecraft.
My mom: 0:55

the uploader has not made the video available in your country/ NA

I seem to be the only one of my generation that knew of this song pre-Guardians of the galaxy.

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8/10 Pretty fun song to listen to.


Eh. It’s alright.

Everyone shout VIVA LA MEXICO JOE!

*el (I think)

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sigh it’s in the song.

Sorry, it’s just that from the small amount of Spanish that I know it is el for masculine nouns, Joe and Mexico being two of them.

I know that, you know that, but he Evidently didn’t know that.

4/10 really not my thing

3/10 Not really my thing,

number one on my top 3 duets. (The others being “Next time I fall” with Peter Cetera and Amy grant, and “Meet me in Montana” by Dan Seals and Marie Osmond)

6/10. It’s alright, but nothing about it really grabs me.

8/10. Anastasia’s soundtrack has never really stood out to me, but this was great.

4/10 It was alright… until it got to the heavy drum bit and it lost me.

A beautiful song about selfless love. Enough that he would let her marry another man just so she was happy.

5/10 Not really big on country music, but there wasn’t anything horrible.

6/10 The dude’s voice definitely could use some improvement, but it’s not the worst voice I’ve heard. Song is enjoyable enough.

Nice little song.

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7/10 Jazzy

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Not my favorite genre, but for what it is, it is actually pretty good. Mostly the melodic parts and the vocals, I’m usually not too big on these kinds of breakdowns, though. Might check out more from this artist though, this was a pretty good introduction! So thank you!


4/10 Not really a fan tbh

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