Ravasz - Wolf of the north

Alot people liked him when i first posted him (he is my OC), and i updated him a bit (mainly on legs) so here he is, now with name, Ravasz!

I dont realy have back-story right now (read, im sleepy)…


Morelikewolf mode:

And finnaly size comparison with inika build:

So what do ya think? Good, bad or ZOMGBETTERTHANANYTHINGIVESEEN?



Coolio, but have you ever thought of making the tail out of CCBS instead?
It would probably look a little better

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Cool. Also, did you know that “ravasz” in magyar means “sly”? :smiley:

Yup! Thats why Ive chosen this name (also, in Hungarian means Cunning)
@Studentscissors nah, i like this version more since it can allow you for very nice posibility (thats why i used hordika necks, instead of glatorian necks!)

Very nice looking MOC!

but CCBS would give you the exact same posability…

I do like the moc though, the overall construction is nice, I like the leg build especially.

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The head

the head

the head is great


Ive chosen those necks,
The tail posibility allows you strech left and righ (big strech, basicaly you can make shape of C) + this was moc made while I was in time of using only bionicle pieces (i used only 2 ccbs pieces, friction adders)

I really like the way you combined a humanoid and animalistic look for this MOC. It reminds me of a biomechanical werewolf or something. Good work!

Head is really cool.


I shall steal the torso and call it my own :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice! I really like the “werewolf” vibes this guy has and his colours flow very well. My only major issue is with the silver Kalmah shells on the thighs. They’re not as smooth as all the other armour pieces and interrupt the shape flow of the MOC a bit.

Actually, the Metru thighs on the upper arms are arguably worse about breaking the flow.

Welp, i think it adds actualy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: thanks for critique anyways!

@Leoxandar i suppose thats an compliment? :relaxed: