[RB3 Spoilers] Denmark MOV Finished + Self MOC update + Neat Filters

Hello all! Some of you may have seen my earlier topic about the beginnigs of a Denmark MOV from Reviving Bionicle, and I am happy to say that he is complete, unless I decide to change something later.

Even though he is based off of and a MOV of the Denmark character, I like to think of him as perhaps a Red Star zombie seeking revenge on my Kestora self MOC.

Speaking of which,

Kestoro, my self MOC, has been given a new shield that can double as a buckler and a pair of hover-skis.

Also, just for fun, i put a bunch of cool filters on an image of him.

The app I used for the filters was Prisma. If you need to see more of any given MOC, just ask and I’ll take more pictures.


hail Denmark! pretty sweat self moc too!

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Great job on the self moc Im a huge fan of the purple trans blue colour scheme.

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Also I like the zombie


Nice job

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Hail Denmark Tahu.

In all seriousness, the Afraid looks really cool, as does your Self-Moc.

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The filters on self MOC look really cool and the actual thing is awesome.

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Hail Denmark.

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Jokes aside, both are pretty good.

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Definitely a good interpretation of Denmark. It’s design really embodies what we’ve learned of the character well and I can’t really point out anything remotely wrong with it.

Your self MOC looks great as well. I love the concept of the hover ski’s, though they are a bit short in length, and the purple goes great with the trans blue.

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