Reason for some Toa having different colored armor?

So I have been looking at the new Bionicle 2015 sets and have noticed that some have gold armor and some have silver armor. Although this is an obvious observation, could this have some weight in the story? Maybe the type of armor that the Toa have has something to do with Toa Kaita combiners.

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I doubt it, It's probably just to separate the big sets from the small sets.


The only thing that makes me think otherwise is that Lego has not been so liberal with the gold pieces many times before and when they do use those pieces it tends to be for a specific reason.

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They were back in 2008 with silver

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Yes but the gold is what I find interesting. Although silver has been used a lot even before '08, gold has been used very sparingly in sets. The only 2 sets that I can think of that used gold as a main color were the original Takanuva set and Brutaka. Most everything past that gold plastic has not been used very much.

Toa Iruni
Toa Mata Nui
Tahu Stars (when fully assembled)
Gold Good Guy
Granted, that's still not a lot


He had 3 gold parts.

I forgot about those sets. Still there were many more sets than that and several of those sets are limited edition sets such as lhikan, iruini, and irnakk


Oh goodness, not these days. Maybe in the old days of Bionicle.

These days, we have...

Rocka 3.0
Rocka XL
Breakout Rocka
Brain Attack Rocka
Jet Rocka
Rocka Stealth Machine

And in Chima Constraction, there's...

Chi Laval
Chi Eris
Chi Gorzan
Chi Laval(Fire 2014 version)
Chi Cragger(2014)
Chi Fluminox
Chi Panthar


It might simply be the LEGO team likes there gold. (A rather boring reason I admit)

I think that Tahu is gold to visually connect him to the golden armor from the stars.

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I agree, in the Mata-Verse they used gold sparingly so I think that there going to use gold more in gen 2. We already seen a fair amount of gold with the new sets. Although, hopefully they don't use gold like they did in 08 with silver.


But I think it will be used much more often than in the mataverse, but without getting a bad case of mistika syndrome.


The gold could just be there to make the Golden Kanohi stick out less. stuck_out_tongue


With Tahu the orangish/yellowish color of gold helps the fire coloring too.

But I still believe that gold was used to show that Rocka was a special part of Savage Planet, and they weren't going to change his primary colour later down the road.

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Not sure I get your point.

My point is that Lego has become far more liberal about using Gold since 2010.

Meaning that it's not all that uncommon these days, meaning that it doesn't warrant any real special note. >.>


Honestly, I liked how the old BIONICLE had Gold sparingly added. It showed the specialty of a set with gold pieces. Characters like Lhikan and Takanuva had gold because they where important to the story, and overall most often Gold came in the expensive sets. The rarity of gold is what makes it special, and I don't want that to change.


I understand your point, and agreed with your original post aswell. I was mostly adding to Satu's point about gold usually having a specific reason for use. I agree lego has become more liberal with the colour, and I believe a reason for that may be that gold coloured sets sell well. (I assume that is true, correct me if I am wrong)

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which would explain while the more expensive sets have gold but the others do not,
I smell conspiracy!