"Reaver", Toa of Null


Action pose

Name: Reaver
Gender: male
Species: Unknown, claims to be a “Toa of Null”
Abilities: Thick armor, Excellent blades skill. Able to absorb elemental attacks, and reuse the elemental energy. Powerless Kanohi Tryna

Bio: Reaver, as a dark hunter, or would have been had they existed. Reaver was once a toa of iron. He was however, unfortunately assigned to protect Makuta Spiriah. As such, he was assigned to assist in Spiriah’s experiments, that is, until the day he became one. Spiriah had been doing experiments in elemental energy, manipulating it, countering it, and erasing it from existence (These expiriments lead to the eventual beggining of the Shadow Takanuva army). During one of these experiments, he forced Reaver to have his elemental energy drained, and a limiter placed on him to prevent him regaining it. The results were fascinating, the loss of his elemental energy lead to a decrease to general strength, stamina and tenacity, but also allowed him to absorb elemental energies of other types, though he cannot generate more energy of that type. Now that the experiment was over, he was dumped outside Spiriah’s fortress, discarded like a used paper towel. Reaver swore to get revenge. Abandoning his original name, he hired himself out as a mercenary, collecting armor from defeated opponents, and buying more in order to beef himself up. As a side effect of the experiment, he also lost the ability to use kanohi, so he merely gave himself one that was known for it’s fear factor, only made it powerless. He modified his armor, so that it can absorb elemental energy, even if he isn’t focusing, and it’s fed through a tube to his brain. At one point, a shadowy woman entered a local tavern on Stelt, offering him job. When he asked what the job was, she told him makuta hunting. He of course, was onboard, and thus began Trulkia and Reaver’s adventures.



The build looks pretty solid!


and the concept is great too

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If it wasn’t for the ccbs I would have thought this was 2009-2011… and that’s a good thing. 8/10 I think his arms look a bit too thin in the joint section

In hindsight, I agree, he could probably use a couple tires there.

And I appreciate the compliment, It’s always my goal to try and blend the two systems as best I can.


Yeah, blending ccbs and g1 Bionicle is usually my goal. Mostly in the arms for the added poseability.