Reawakening: An Okoto Mafia Serial

I am back to reclaim my title as compilation chronicler. Here, I have been and will compile the story of Okoto Mafia: Reawakening as a whole. There will be highlights from the main topic's comments, and more context on the events. New chapters will come when they do.
Note: This story is non-canon in relation to the game. Any information stated here that was not there should not be taken into consideration for actual gameplay.

Compiled/Written by @Oonie
Original storyline by @Ranaki_Pakewa

“There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it?”

Friday, Day/Night 0

Kivoda looked out over a small field of graves and tents. The preparations were going as well as could be expected. It had been almost a year since the Skull Illusionists had infiltrated the villages of Okoto, killing many innocent villagers. A select group of villagers had been tasked with preparations for the annual memorial service in honor of their fallen brothers, and Kivoda personally chose to oversee the event. However, it seemed like there was always a few villagers missing at any given time. Even though he wouldn't admit it, Kivoda had trouble remembering which villagers were missing, since they all had the same face. If only he would have spoken up
about the missing villagers, it would have staved off the bloodshed to come.

“Listen up!” Kivoda stood amongst the group of 30 or so residents of the encampment. “It has come to my attention that in our time of peace succeeding the tragic events last year in which many lives were lost, something terrible has happened. I have held this suspicion for some time now, but recent events have forced me to believe the worst case scenario.”

The many villagers exchanged various looks of fear, confusion, and skepticism. Shuffling and whispering started before Kivoda began again.

“This very group, our group, has been infiltrated by those who worship our enemies; Skull Cultists have invaded our community!”

Everyone gasps and begins frantically looking at one another on the verge of accusing one another. Some were immediately for the idea of hunting down the cultists, while others were scared, some were in denial, and some almost happy to be in the game of lynching their fellow villagers again.

“Let’s do this!”

“So we’re just waiting to die?!”

“This is just what I’ve been looking for!”

“I already know who they are!”

Before tensions could rise any further, Kivoda calls out “Quiet, please, all of you!” He clears his throat, “This is not a game, and this is not the time to panic. We will get through this, and we will survive. It’s the same situation as before; we must gather the best evidence to smoke out the Skull Cultists. If we don’t do this, there will be consequences…”

With that, Kivoda bid the group farewell, sending them to bed for the night. However, this is the time where everyone would need to be on their highest guard, for the Skull Cultists did lurk within the 30 residents, and with that announcement, they knew it was time to strike.

Meanwhile, Kivoda had his own secret plans. Two villagers of whom he would trust with his very life came by to embark on their own mission. One, Kivoda entrusted with a special shield, and was commissioned to protect villagers upon their best judgment each night. The other exchanged armor, weaponry, and masks with Kivoda, such that neither could ever be recognized as their true selves.

“Be aware, my friends. While we may not all survive
this, we must defeat these cultists at all costs.”

With that, the game had begun.

Okoto Mafia: Reawakening

Saturday, Day 1

It had been just another ordinary night for the villagers, but it was a far from ordinary day. All the villagers woke up and carried out their normal days work in preparation for the memorial service. It had been strangely quiet, but no-one knew why, that is, until Takua noticed that there was a disturbing lack of cryptographic notes everywhere. He didn't mention this though until he overheard that Willess had been found dead in his tent, apparently killed by suffocation, and with no other markings. The entire lot of villagers panicked, and brought Kivoda in to see what happened. It was soon decided that a reoccurring of previous events needed to be stopped immediately, so it was to be decided that the guilty party was to be executed at sundown. But who was the murderer?

“It was Middlefingerstudios! He’s the only one with the skills to pull off that kind of a strangling!”

“I say it was Pekekoa, I found him with Willess’s chips, which were in his tent last
night. I would know, I was there with him!”

“That’s not true, Takua, took them while Willess was out, I was nowhere near him! Although, I do admit I stole the chips…”

“It was ColdGoldLazarus, she’s known Willess for longer and better than most of us. Who’s to say she hadn’t gotten sick of his shenanigans?”

“Wait a second. Who’s to say it wasn’t you, Takua?! You didn’t even mention Willess was gone until after he was deceased!”

“Alright,” Kivoda says, “seeing as these are our four prime suspects, we will reconvene at the end of the day to vote on who murdered Willess.”

From then on, the day was full of speculation and suspicion. The villagers bumbled about their daily tasks with rumors and in search of any hints or clues as to who the culprit is.

“No one would be foolish enough to steal from the very person they just killed,” A confident TBT says.

“ColdGoldLazarus has the most logical motivation. It has to be her,” is what most of the villagers had concluded.

“It’s Pekekoa, no one steal’s a man’s chips,” says Mavezignikari.

Accusations and defenses were thrown everywhere, it seemed like the prime-prime suspects were Pekekoa and ColdGoldLazarus, but Takua and Middlefinger were not completely disregarded.

At one point, Pekekoa was approached by a group of his opposers, who threatened to execute him on the spot, to which he replied “It’s not what you know. It’s what you can prove.” To which he promptly walked off to do his usual business.

A few simple-minded villagers who hadn’t quite the dedication to hunting the truth as others like Oonie plainly voted upon other’s convicting logic. Things were so intense that villagers from other locations came to watch, and echoes of the dead came to haunt the grounds. A comedic ghost Willess joked about killing himself, but unfortunately, spirits cannot reveal the truth behind their murder.

The ever-important moderators of the village gave their two cent on the situation, giving in-depth analysis and close speculation of anything and everything. Waj concluded Middlefinger was the culprit, while Slime was sold on ColdGoldLazarus as the murderer.

To that, a weary Hewks said, “Wait…what if…Slime is mafia?”

Everyone within earshot was silent, and gave either him or Slime blank stares.

More information convicting ColdGoldLazarus was brought to attention when someone mentioned how she was a seasoned veteran to this sort of struggle. Eventually she went through the stages of denial, something no one but everyone must experience.

The day went on, and many people flip-flopped on their opinions on who should be put on trial. New blood in the game was just as unsure as the experienced. Persuasion and treachery rocked the encampment to its core. ColdGoldLazarus’s skills shined through, as she brought out here schematic charts in effort to clear her name. Meanwhile, Pekekoa banked off the idea that a stolen bag of chips simply didn’t hold enough credit to him being the murderer.

Bets were being made, challenges accepted, ultimatums and open threats, anything and everything seemed to be slowly bringing the small village to chaos.

Finally, after all the bickering and intense debating, the time had come to bring a suspect to trial.

“Man, I with this was like what happened in that other

“My body is ready.”

“Just do it!”

Some final votes and changes were made, and then, they were tallied up. The final vote came out, and Kivoda read aloud “The community has voted the culprit whom murdered Willess to be…ColdGoldLazarus!”

ColdGoldLazarus stood before the amassed group of villagers. Out of all the suspects, she had been found guilty of killing Willess in his sleep. This accusation was solely based on her previous interactions with him, and not much on any physical evidence. Only she knew of her sleepless night, kept awake by a deep-pitted feeling in her stomach that something terrible was about to happen. If only she would have used her sleeplessness to watch over Willess' tent, maybe she would have seen the true murderer. As her head was placed on an improvised guillotine she could only think that she at least would soon be getting a long, eternal slumber.

In one fell swoop, the lady was struck down for good. Many gasps were heard, as were many cheers of success.

“RIP CGL, you guilty mafian.”

“I will avenge you! Somehow…”


It was then that Willess could address the situation from beyond the beyond. He simply said “Wasn’t her, she was just an insomniac,” to which everyone gasped at once, and instantly went quiet. The spirit of ColdGoldLazarus slowly came into view. All she says is “Your donkey is haunted…”

Many tears were shed, and nobody was cheering anymore after the truth was revealed. Another innocent had been killed, this one by the very people she’d trusted. Everyone went back to their dwellings, and tried to sleep off the memory of the horrible event that had just occurred. Bad times were upon the village, and things were only going to get worse.

to be continued...


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No one steals a man's chips.


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Sunday, Day 2

The Lord was hungry. But this wasn't your average hunger. He was hungry for memes. The giant spider reached out to the Golden Mask of Skull Spiders and hissed his commands into it's proverbial ear. He would soon feast, once his new servants delivered one of their brothers.

The Cultists were a bit ruthless in their approach. The only remains of GIF.Man.Ben that remained were some loose pieces of his entrails on his bed and a trail of blood that lead to the ravine surrounding the City of the Mask Makers.

LoSS felt a bit bloated afterwards, but he was satisfied, for now.

But that wasn't the only death, no. A cold-hearted vigilante had killed the charismatic Political_Slime in his sleep.

“Git gud, slimy mafian.”

He was shot through the heart with a stolen Elemental Blaster. The killer got away without a trace.

The next morning, Kivoda addressed the group again, updating them of the two resident’s
demise. Everyone was pretty happy with Slime’s murder. Nobody mourned him really.

“It was Voriki! He was talking smack about Ben’s comments.”

“I saw Pekekoa bathing at the beach this morning.”

Pekekoa calls out as he returns from his bath, “You pervert!”

“Marendex was watching Kaiju movies all night. In fact, he’s watching one right now!”

Nobody commented on that one.

“Well if one Mod was corrupt, maybe they all are! Waj’s sword was in Ben’s tent.”

“He was borrowing it, I lent it to him yesterday for safety precautions…Plus, I’m squishy!” Waj refutes.

Kivoda ran the usual daily announcements, and then the group disbanded for the day, hoping to catch the real killer at the next vote.

“Those were some mighty bs accusations to go on…”

“Yeah, but one of them did it. Who?”

“Clearly it was Pekekoa, he was a suspect last time!”

“We can’t be wrong this time. Too many lives have already been lost!”

Whaddon steps up to the plate and in the middle of the day presented his logic in the situation. “Voriki hated on Ben’s gifs, and he could have used the computer cables to rip through his body! Like some Sought of Adam West Batman trapalgaalglaglagaaglaa!”

“Who’s Batman?”

Whaddon continued, “Pekekoa was perhaps washing away the blood of his recent killing! Clearly Ben went out violently! Marendex could have been hallucinating from all the Kaiju content…probably not…Waj could have butchered Ben, he is a Mod after all. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. coughSlimecough"

People were really leaning to Waj or Pekekoa as the culprits, Waj because of the previous statement that Mods were murderers and Pekekoa because he was suspected the day before.

“I didn't do it. Though, the evidence would seem to suggest so. Me lending a mythical mod sword to someone else seems like an unlikely situation on the outset. But, I do have 2 mythical mod swords, and I mean, I wouldn't see anything wrong with letting someone else borrow it, especially if it was to keep them safe. I'm all about user safety after all.” Then he made a smiley face, “Truly infallible logic. But no, I am a squishy.” This only stirred more suspicion.

“One does not simply appear on two suspect lists this early in the game. I vote PekekoaOfJungle .” A faithful Hawkflight declares.

Much care was taken while looking into the records from the past days. Waj was slowly backed by his non-affiliation with Slime’s moves as a cultist, but perhaps this was just a ploy to deter the villager’s scent. Meanwhile, Pekekoa was catching more attention as people bought into the idea that he may well have been the one that killed Willess on night one. Things were getting as intense as ever, the conflict had turned into almost a court case: Waj v. Pekekoa.

The spirits of the dead gave as much advice as they could to persuade the masses, but still, they could not reveal the true killer, only allude to their suspected culprits. Spectators gave their feedback as well, laughing as the villager squabbled to decide which of their very own should die mercilessly.

Finally, the time had come again. The villagers reconvened at nightfall, and the voting began to determine one of the accused people’s fates. Everyone was in on this one, except for DG_Eddie, who was oddly asleep at the time.

It was a shame. Just because Pekekoa was a suspect twice, it didn't mean he had to be the murderer. But alas, he was the one in front of the gathered villagers awaiting execution.

"It was Waj, I swear!" was all he could muster before he could speak no more. He didn't even have enough time to scrub all the blood out of his talons.

Immediately afterwards, the spirits of the dead cried out in unison “VENGEANCE!!!” To which everyone cheered in delight. With two of the Skull Cultists down for the count, the village was back on track for ridding the place of them all.

to be continued...


"He was hungry for memes" - Oonie, 2016


Actually that was in Ranaki's original post. XD


Monday, Day 3

Middlefingerstudios lurched awake. He felt a deep impact into his lower back, quickly followed by one into his neck. With his throat stabbed through, he couldn't scream as he felt several more impacts across his entire body.

"At least it's me and not any of my brothers" were his last words, if he could've spoke his mind.

To bad someone else died that night as well.

"Or we could feed the culprit to the Lord of Skull Spiders" ~Whaddon

Sometimes a good man has good ideas. Such good ideas are sometimes used by bad men. If someone finds out that the first man possibly inspired the second man's actions, does that mean the first man was also bad?

Well, if you're a Vigilante, you might think so.

At least Whaddon only took an elemental blast to the head and not 32 stabs to the back before death.

When the village awoke, Whaddon's death was the least of their worries, once they found the body of Middlefingerstudios. Not only did they discover the stab wounds, but the murderer had also cut off his middle fingers and shoved one down his throat and the other up his, well, you get the idea. But that still wasn't it. Carved into his forehead was a message "For Pek," and a bionic talon was still embedded into his back.

“Booster did it.”

“Red1 did it.”

“helryx did it.”

“DG_eddie did it.”

“I will avenge you, Middlefingerstudios!!!”

Nobody had anything else to say, so the day went on like any other, the villagers left to their own resources for finding the killer. Not much went on to incriminate any of the accused, simply because the prompts were so dry. That is, until:

“Live update on last night’s murder case! A little note was found under Middlefingerstudios' pillow. It read "I love you." Another note was found under Whaddon's pillow. It read "I know." They had watched The Empire Strikes Back together the night before they left for the memorial.

“What luck, how tragic…”

Red1 finally came out and said “I am the defender, I have come to save us all. It is my duty to do what’s right, and to keep those in trouble…out of harm’s way!”

Some people bought it, others didn’t, but luckily he wasn’t quite on the chopping block just yet.

“If he’s the defender, then he’ll have to prove it.”

“Yeah, and if he’s not, I’ll kill him myself.”

“I don’t buy it, nobody would come out with that as a first defense.”

The day went on, and eventually people came to suspect DG_Eddie or Red1. Everyone was mostly busy with their work, or were simply too puzzled/stumped by the dry evidence trail. A lot of people were forced to abstain fearing that a vote in the wrong direction could convict them in the future.
Once again, it was time to vote. The steadily decreasing mass of villagers assembled, and gave their votes. This time, nobody was sure who was the most suspicious. However, in some quick last-ditch efforts, votes were swapped, and not even the vote counter knew for sure what the final outcome was. Unfortunately, what did come out was:


After much deliberation, the villagers had finally settled their vote on a double execution. Both DG_Eddie and helryx were on the chopping block. It had been decided that since Middlefingerstudios had been so brutally murdered, both suspects would also meet their fates in the same fashion. They were both sent into the Great Arena, both with only a dull knife. Whoever died last would receive less finishing blows the more they stabbed the other. By the time they were finished with each other, there was no telling the difference between them and a pulled pork sandwich. Too bad neither of them was guilty.

to be continued...


you left out the whole "defender" claim. t'was some of my best work too.. :sob:

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